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We understand how well prepared you are as you look forward to your soon coming anniversary of your church.

You might be celebrating the 1th,2nd,2rd,4th,5th,20th,40th,100th anniversaries.

Let me join you in celebrating the occasion in the church.

Together we want to thank our heavenly father for the far He has brought your church.

As your partner in this journey we know your church is going to grow from one glory to another.

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church anniversary poems

The poems are supposed to bring joy,oneness,love and bind you together as a community of believers. As we have this day let us all remember the goodness of the Lord in our lives as believers.

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This is the day that Lord has given us

we are to rejoice and be glad again

what a joy we have from the Lord

as a church we want to thank the Lord

for the wonderful love that He has given us

we shall always rejoice in Him

we can always remember where we have come from

all that remains in our minds

we can kneed here today and say thank you Lord

we shall praise you and glorify you

for the rest of our lives as a church

thank you Lord and may your name

go before each and every one of us

who is worship you today

thank you Lord

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We thank you Lord today for the gift of life

Thank you Lord for your goodness

We praise and glorify your name

For what you have done to us as a church

The Day The Lord Has Given Us

Who knew that the day will come

Once again

We all looked forward to it

And let us thank God

That it is with us today

What a joy in our hearts

As a church we want to thank Him from our hearts

Let us make melodies in our hearts

because the Lord loves us

let us sing for the Lord

for the wonderful things He Has done for us

We shall lift us the name of Jesus christ

Because it is the only name that saves

Thank you Lord for your mercies

Church anniversary poems

More of the church anniversary poems below

Church anniversary poems

 his wonderful deeds we proclaim

As we enter into another chapter of the calendar

Of the church we praise God for what we have done so far


Through the grace of the Lord our membership has multiplied

Through the grace of the Lord we have been healed

Through the grace of the Lord we have been saved

What a joy we have in the Lord

We want to thank Him

That while we were sinners he provided a way out

Through his son Jesus Christ who is our personal savior

There is no any other name that saves a part from the name Jesus Christ

With Christ we are winners because he is a victor


That is why as a church we have gathered here today to thank the Lord

For what he has done to us


The whole year has gone since we had an occasion like this

If we all look back we can say that our Lord is good

Say amen to the Lord

Give him glory and honor for that


young and old have praising his name today

small and big have gathered here today

with one goal in mind

just to say thanks to the Lord


thank you Lord for what you have done to us

our hearts are full of thankfulness for what you have done to us Lord

we rejoice today and anticipate for more for the coming years

when we meet next year a time like this many things would have happened

want to tell you our Lord is wonderful always

rejoice in the Lord and rejoice again I say


We are here today as a church

celebrating an important occasion

in the church calender

I have been to many anniversaries celebrations

but this one is different

it is different for one thing

I thank the Lord for the gift of life

his love for us was shown

when he gave the only begotten son

to die on the cross

so that you and me can live

what a joy in our hearts

what happiness we have

and above all the love that

Jesus left us with

to love one another

so that the joy may be full

today we are fulfilling the promise

because the joy is full and we thank

God for that


as we congregate here today,
we can all remember where we have come from,
our good Lord has been good to us,
His grace has been sufficient to us,

Many people have come from far and wide,
to come and witness this occasion
to some it is their first time
to others it is repeated experience,

The question is what is your experience?
have you grown in the Lord,
when each anniversary comes,
what does it remind you,

we want to thank God for the mercies,
He is a faithful God
who never leave us nor forsake
As we start another chapter we know our Lord is with us.

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