church dedication

You are planning to a church dedication to something in church and need guidance on how to do it, either a building, church property, choir material and so on

In this page you will find the church dedication speech, prayer, good will message

congratulatory message on church dedication

Greetings in Jesus name.

The day we have been praying for is finally here and we want to thank our heavenly Father for the far He has brought us.

Let me join our brothers and sisters who are together marking this special event in the church, we have desired to have this building and finally the Lord has given us.

I want to say congratulation to our church for the building and had it gets dedicated for use, for pray that many who will come for fellowship and worship will find an ideal environment to meet their maker in.

God bless you and let the love of God bind us forever.

church dedication greetings

Greetings in Jesus name. We are humbly to congregate here today as.we dedicate the choir instruments to be of service to the Lord. I thank you all who have found time to be here today. God bless you for your time.

goodwill message for church dedication

Through the mercies of God, I want to send this goodwill message to the entire church for what the Lord is doing today in the church.

Our Lord has promised on His bool.the bible that whatsoever things are good and of noble stature.if they have good report you need to think about it

We all.know this building is timely and as we dedicate it to the Lord, want to ask our Father to keep blessings all those who have themselves in one way or another to make sure the day is success.

I want to ask each and every one of you to keep praying for mission of the church so that we can accomplish the vision of Jesus Christ which he said that the gospel shall be preached to all corners of the world and the mend shall come.

what does the bible say about church dedication

Here is a verse that talks about the church dedication that you can use when dedicating a church.

I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that my Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there.(2 Chronicles 7:16)

church dedication prayer

Heavenly Father , we come before you today as a church through the name of our Lord Jesus , thanking you for your love and care, we have congregated here as brethren to witness this historical event when the church building is being dedicated and be used for your service, we want to ask you to continue making us of good use to you through the name of Jesus. Amen

building dedication ceremony script

Don't forgot that we have prepared a a script that you can download to help during the occasion when you dedicating the church to the Lord

click this link to download

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