church membership withdrawal letter

Here is the church membership withdrawal letter sample template to help you write one for the church you have been attending

The templates below are best used to serve as samples to enable you write a letter to your church withdrawing members for reasons known to you.

As here to provide you with a clue on how to write and align the thoughts to the scripture to serve you better.

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church membership withdrawal letter


Greetings in Jesus name!

I'm writing this letter to make known to the church the decision of withdrawing my membership from the church on the move.

It is a painful decision but I have no otherwise because of irreconcilable differences between me and the church administration.

This church has been my home since I was baptized and have always cherished the teaching and love that you are given by the pastor and fellow church members.

After I was aggrieved I informed and you promised an action but instead of being bipartisan you decided to side with the other party and this forced me to make this drastic move which was not in my mind at all.

I Pray that our heavenly Father may continue guiding the church and fill everybody with love so that it can grow and reach many souls in and out of the church.

Thank you for nurturing me this far and pray for me so that God can guide me and show me what am supposed to do.

Thank you and God bless you

Yours in the Lord

(Name of the sender)

church membership withdrawal letter

letter withdrawing church membership


I'm writing this letter with heaviness in my heart because the action have taken was not my wish but am forced to.

This is to inform you that from this date 24th Feb 2086, have withdrawn my membership from The Yoke Church.

Have been praying over this issue for a long period of time since I was accused of teaching heresy in the church, it has been my sincere wish that the church moves forward in terms of growth and spiritual matters but have seen that my views is bringing conflict to the church and finally things might not be well for the church.

With that regards have seen it well to withdraw my membership so that I can find another church that accommodate divergent views for the betterment of growth.

Otherwise the church has been my home and you have helped me grow from a toddler to a bible study lesson teacher, may God bless all those who played a very important role like Rev. John. I look forward to forging a good relationship with the church despite withdrawing my membership.

I will forever be indented to our Lord Jesus for everything.

Thank you and God bless you always.

Yours in the Lord

(Name of the sender)


Greetings in Jesus name.

It is with heavy heart to write to you at this difficult moment after much soul searching have made a decision to withdraw my membership from the church.

This has come as a result of the way the church has treated me and even after raising the issue to the church management and pastor no action has been taken so far.

I wish to express my action this way and hope you will accept my plea so that can move to the next chapter where can have peace of mind.

For the sake of my peace we have to part ways  so that can seek for other alternative worship  centers, it has been good me being a member of this church and have learnt a lot during my stay here.

I want to wish you all the best and let us keep praying for each other so that our heavenly Father will bless us all.

Thank  you for understanding me and God bless you.

Yours in the Lord.

letter of resignation as a pastor

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