closing remarks at church

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closing remarks after church service

On behalf of our Senior pastor, the church board, I take this precious moment to thank our almighty God who is in heaven, for allowing to have this church wonderful service today, I want to say this was a special church service like no other that we have had in our church in recent times, I want to thank our speaker for the uplifting word that he has shared with us today, God has used him mightily , may he continue using him even more to bless others with the word, as a church we want to say thank you Mr John for the word,I want to also thank all of you for finding time to come for the fellowship, may you be blessed abundantly, thank you and God bless each one of us and meet our needs according to the richness in glory,

closing remarks at church

closing remarks for church conference

I greet you in the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit, anything that has beginning has got an end, let the take the time to thank the organizers for organizing such a wonderful conference, am sure all of us have really been blessed my the programs in this conference, we wish the conference would have continued for more days but it is unfortunate that this moments have come, we want to thank the speakers of this conference for accepting to come and speak to this wonderful people, let me also that all of you for finding time to come despite your busy schedule, let the love of God be with you always, as we leave this place may the presence of God go with us until next time, God bless you all.

closing remarks at church

closing remarks for women's day program

I'm humbled through the mercies of God to stand before you to give this closing remarks, this are moments personally don't wish to come but in everything we thank God, let me take this precious opportunity to thank God for allowing us to come for the fellowship today, we thank also the church for allowing us to have this women's day and we also thank all those who participated to make this day a success, may our good Lord bless us in Jesus name.

closing remarks at church

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