farewell letter to church

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farewell letter to church

farewell letter to congregation

On behalf of myself and family want to take this opportunity to thank God for this wonderful grace that has enabled me t write this letter.

It was not wish to stay away from people whom we have come to know as our family, since we joined this church, we have fallen in love with everything and the synergy we feel towards fellow members only God knows but a time has come when a call of duty has made us to relocate.

We want to take this precious to thank each and every one of you,first we thank our pastor for being there for us, we also thank the first lady for the prayers and finally thank the whole church for the love.

We promise as a family to becoming to say. Thank you and God bless you.

Yours in the Lord

(Your name here)

farewell letter to pastor

I can't believe a time have been praying for not to happen has come, I thought that am dreaming, is it true that pastor you are leaving to another station.

I just want to say thank you for your service, the prayers and sermons that you offered to use, I cant forget some of the memorable quotes from your sermon like" get up from the place you are comfortably sited and realize that the place is defiled", those words always ring in my head.

I feel at home spiritually for the guidance and mentorship that you gave me, I will always recall all that shared with.

I want to pray to our heavenly Father to continue filling you with wisdom and knowledge to continue serving in his vineyard, thank you for being there for us always.

Stay blessed and we shall meet again.

Yours in the Lord

(Your name here)

leaving church letter

We thank God forgiving us this chance to serve you and it is a rare privilege. Keep on praying for us as we allow the Lord to use as deemed to be.

Say hi to your church and we are together in this journey. God bless you

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