Farewell message to church

Are looking for farewell message to church and information on how to write a good farewell in church?

If this is your first time and don't know how to go about it. Me and my team shall help you write one.

First we want to give a general sample that can give you a clue on how a good farewell message is written that is biblical.

You will be able to get a simple format that can guide you.

Second,if you don't have time and would love to be assisted to write a farewell message for an occasion in church, then you can contact us now so that we can help you to write one.

Otherwise, here is a general sample.

farewell message to church -General samples

farewell to church member

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus!

It is very difficult for me to stand before you at this hour.If there is something that is hard for me to do is to say a farewell message.

When the church requested me to prepare and give me, I had to go and first pray to God to give me streghth and courage so that I don't break down when I stand to speak.

I want to thank Him this morning that so far the peace of the Lord is upon me and want to glorify Him.

Let me say it sad when one of us departing from our fellowship even if she is going to join others due the circumstances but we are all emotionally connected. I lack words to say but will ask God to always help us to remain connected with our sisters and we are praying for His grace to always bind us together.

On behalf of the church, want to wish her all the best and may she keep the same faith she had when she was with us.

Sister___________, may God be with you

farewell speech pastor leaving

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus,

On behalf of the church , I want to take this opportunity to thank our God for enabling us to be here today, we also want to thank Him for the gift of life.

It is indeed sad for me to give this farewell speech on behalf of the church despite not willing from my heart but have to.

It is been good time to share love with our pastor, we can all remember the good counsel, the prayers and the messages we always received from Him.

And now the Lord has send him to another place to continue representing Him. We want to take this chance to wish him all the best and we shall never forget the seen he has planted in this place.

We shall keep on praying for you pastor and may the will of God keep on manifesting in you and your family.

Thank you and God bless you.

Farewell message to church members

Fellow church members, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

I feel honor to stand before you despite how am feeling, if I was given a chance to choose, I would choose to remain here but this one is beyond me and have to leave, it is God who is directing me and have to hearken to His voice,One want to ask of you is to keep praying for and may the good Lord give you peace and above all maintain the good spirit you have had always.

God bless you

sample farewell letter to church


Am writing this letter to thank you all for the love and care that you gave me while I was with you, the friends I made and much that I learn.

Due to unavoidable circumstance I will no longer be with you, I just feel like crying but let me thank God for the experience have had.

Soon am leaving to a new location and hope to be coming to say hi,once in a while, otherwise thank you for the support and care that you showed to me.

God bless you and take care always.

Yours in the Lord.

(Your name here)

farewell message to church

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Otherwise, Me and my team wish you all the best as you prepare and may the Holy spirit guide and help you all through.

Thank you

farewell letter to church

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