happy sabbath quotes

Looking for happy sabbath quotes to use them to share with the rest of the believers as the sabbath day approaches? We have some in our page that you can have a look at.

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happy sabbath quotes

Happy Sabbath everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic week, we want to thank God for the rest that we have today, this reminds us the redemptive work that is in Jesus Christ, God gave us the Sabbath day not only we take this day as a day that we rest from our day to day work but also remember that is God who saves us, that is why God says remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy.

Let us obey God and be in him always.

Happy Sabbath!

happy sabbath quotes

Happy Sabbath saints!

Let me thank our Lord for allowing us to meet today as we fellowship together, It is a great honor for me to stand before you to welcome you to our Sabbath school.

I want to thank God for the goodness and love that he has given us to have the Sabbath rest, it is an opportunity granted to us to be able to have a strong foundation in the biblical principles.

We want to ask the Holy Spirit to guide and help us to keep knowing about the will of God that is in Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the Sabbath and God bless you

happy sabbath quotes

Let me take this opportunity that the Lord has given me to thank each and every one of you for making the sabbath school of today a success, we have conducted ourselves well and want to thank you for keeping time.

God bless you and let us be blessed through the day we have a wonderful rest that the Lord has given us today.

Happy Sabbath saints!

Let me take this opportunity to thank our Lord who is in heaven for granting us this day as we worship Him, the week has been long and each and everyone of us had ups and down but we thank the Lord for grace.

Let me welcome you all to the Sabbath rest and may we experience the blessings of the Lord as we fellowship together.

God bless you and Happy Sabbath to all of us.

Happy Sabbath to all of you.

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