Sabbath greetings quotes

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Happy Sabbath brethren,

I'm humbled through the grace of God to stand before you this day to greet you in one accord, I hope your week was good and the Lord has kept you well, we are grateful to our God for this Sabbath day, a day when we rest from much work and come to fellowship together to remember the redemptive work that Jesus did on the cross, It is through the Love of God that we are counted righteous before Him. Let us all be blessed as we listen to the word together with songs that soothes our soul but above all let us not forget that our Lord Jesus is soon coming to take us home where we shall be together for eternity, our God is good always. Have a blessed Sabbath Saints.

sabbath greetings quotes

"Shalem Sshalom" Happy Sabbath Saints!

It is much privilege as we congregate here today during this Sabbath day to share the blessings that God has given us through Jesus Christ, the Sabbath was given to man so that on a day to day will be able to remember the functional work that God has done one our lives, God said in His word that we shall meet Sabbath after Sabbath and even when Jesus was on earth He kept the Sabbath and would always visit the synagogue to worship and fellowship with others and also do the good work that God gave Him to do while on earth and that is to save humanity, as we fellowship together this day, let the love of God flow through us and much more than what Jesus did because He promised so in John 14:12, let us enjoy together this day and our eyes be fixed in Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith.

Happy blessed Sabbath brethren

sabbath greetings quotes

Sabbath greetings Saints,

Let me take this wonderful opportunity that God has given me to pass my love to you as we fellowship together during this Sabbath morning, the Lord has been good to each and every one of us and Has blessed us with the love that is flowing from Calvary, we have gathered with one accord to praise and glorify our God for what He has done to us through Jesus Christ. Let us shake hands and remind ourselves that God is good to us all.

Happy Sabbath brethren

sabbath greetings quotes

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