inspirational poem for church usher

Looking for inspirational poem for church usher during an event in the church? Here is a sample to have a look at and share with others in the church.

You are planning to send your pastor a powerful poem that will touch him or her.

It is good to surprise your pastor with a great poem and surely he or she will appreciate a lot when you send the poem.

We are human beings and we feel loved when we are send gifts that touches us.

A poem is one of the gift that you can send to your pastor to show him or her that you appreciate for dedicating his or her life to the service.

God be with you forever

let me thank God first

for the wonderful provision

He has given us

thank you pastor

for the word

it is my prayer that

you live long to see the fruits

may you live to see the blessings

of God

that are following forever


thank you pastor

for the love that you share with


thank you for your prayers

for your care always

be God be with you forever

and ever again

inspirational poem for church usher

When the worship day nears

My heart races very fast

Why is it racing fast?

Is there something bad?


Let me tell you today

There nothing bad

But the love of God

The love that we all share

The love that makes us

To always come here so that

God can continue manifesting to us


In our church today

We are celebrating our ushers

Who always smile to us

They sacrifice a lot to make sure we

Feel comfortable when we come to the presence of the Lord

Our lord shall reward us for making sure

That we are all happy and smiling


As we remember the ushers in our church today

We want to thank God for the mercies

Our God is wonderful and merciful always

We feel cared for always.


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