message for pastor appreciation day

The sample message for pastor appreciation day for your pastor

Recently a church member wrote to us asking if we can share with her a sample message to use during the pastor appreciation day and we thought you might like the message too.

We went a head and send her the messages in her in box but have decided to share the sample below here.

Visiting our page means you are also interested to getting the messages to share with your pastor during the pastor appreciation day that is a head of us.

If you want customized one,don't hesitate to contact us and we shall help you in writing one according to your specifications.

message for pastor appreciation day

Let me join the rest of the church members in thanking God for this day when we remember how He has used you to bring the word to us, we appreciate and adore you pastor, may our good Lord give you many days to continue inspiring us to remain closer to God despite the challenges in life.


Happy Pastor appreciation day. I'm grateful to our heavenly father for giving me this chance to write this message to wish you long life so that you can witness the work that the Lord is doing through you, I appreciate you and happy for being my pastor, thank you pastor.


I take this precious opportunity to thank our God who is in heaven for allowing me to see this day in my life when we are appreciating the work you are doing on behalf of Jesus on earth, I'm grateful of associating with you and for being your member,thank you pastor and God bless you.


When I sit and reflect about my life and where the Lord saved me from, I can't miss to recognize that God had a purpose when he sent you to do a gospel campaign near my home, to which you delivered the message of the kingdom and I saw myself how far had walked a way from the day, I just cry for the mercies of the Lord is big and nothing can be compared with it, during this day, I want to appreciate you pastor for the work you are doing of saving soul and may our good Lord be with you so that you can save more like me, happy appreciation day pastor.

message for pastor appreciation day

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