occasion speech for church anniversary

Here is an occasion speech for church anniversary for the event in the church.

I presume this is your first time that you have been tasked to prepare and present a speech in church.

So far, you don't know exactly what you are going to say.

We thank you for visiting our page, our work is to make sure you have something to say no matter what.

The only thing we cannot do is to increase your confidence, this part you have to do it by yourself, ours is to give you words t say before a church congregation and the rest you deliver it by yourself.

Let us now have a look at the words that you can say before people of God.

Just remember that this is just a sample to show you, churches and ministries can be unique and yours is not exception.

Below is an occasion sample speech for the church anniversary.

occasion speech for church anniversary

Brethren in Christ I greet you in Jesus name, good morning?

I take this opportunity to welcome you all to our church anniversary, young and old.

All those who have found time to come and grace the occasion we thank our almighty for enabling

You to be here today,

You have left your busy schedule so that you can be here to witness the love of God as it flows through each and every one of us.

Our church pastor and the organizing committee for this event are so much delighted to see many people who have come here.

You have been praying for this day and we are very much happy to see you all attending.

We are happy that as we planned everything is going according to the plan.


As I introduce you to our church and welcome you officially. Many are going to speak after me and they have much to say.

Mine is just to say thank you for coming and may God bless you always.

Before I sit down and welcome the next speaker. Let me say something concerning this occasion.

Personally am moved by your presence. Many of you have done wonderful things to our church and we lack words to say to you.

Let me echo Paul words in the book of Hebrews where he says that we do good always because this is the sacrifice that God is pleased with.

Many of us have participated in various areas to make this day a success and to bring this event to where it is today.

We thank our God for making it possible that we put our heads together and helped while sharing together until all is well,

We continue praying that as we start a new chapter in our church that the same unity may continue reflecting in all other areas so that we may be one because we are all one in Christ.

Let the love of God continue shining in our hearts always and may we tell others about this love of God that we have free.

I’m seeing that this coming year that we have started today is going to be the year of the Lord and come the next anniversary we shall gather here again and praise God.

God is wonderful and may His goodness be with us always and guide us in all we do till the end.

Stay blessed always and thanks for listening to me. Feel welcome to our church anniversary.

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