opening prayer for church anniversary

This opening prayer for church anniversary can be used when you are just about to begin the anniversary in the church.

When it comes to prayers, there is no formula that makes prayers to qualify to be bad or good but the most important thing is to be inspired and allow the Holy spirit to teach us on how to pray.

Therefore when you are assigned to pray remember that the Holy spirit is giving you words to speak.

That is why the simplest prayer ever thought by Jesus in the bible is that one in the book of Mathew chapter seven and verse seven and eight...

7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Hope you have found the inspiration on how to pray. you simply stand infront of the church and pray this simple prayer.

Father who is in heaven,thank you for the chance you have given us to worship you. We want to thank you as a church for allowing us to meet here again this year.As we mark this anniversary.we thank you because you are with us.thank you for hearing us through the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

That is a simple prayer that is to the point that you can pray as you open the occasion in the church.

As you allow the Holy spirit to speak to you. You can find praying longer because prayer is the key to allow God to move on our behalf through His mercies.

opening prayer for church anniversary

Below is a long opening prayer for church anniversary that can inspire you

Our Father who is in heaven. We are very much grateful for your love and care that you have given us.We are here today to praise and glorify you for the many and wonderful things that you have done to our lives.

Our dear Lord.We thank you first as individuals and also as a church that your hand has cared and being with us in everything we do and we say thank you Lord.

You knew from the foundation of the world that we shall gather here and thank you. As you have said we ask and you shall give us. Now we thank you that you are with us as we celebrate this anniversary.Thank you for the Holy Spirit and the promises in your word. As we commence this day we dedicate everything to you and we thank you for the success in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

opening prayer for church anniversary

prayer point for a church preparing for an anniversary

Here are the prayer point for a church preparing for an anniversary

Our dear an heavenly Father who is in the heavenly realms,

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity granted to us this morning,

In our church,

We want to praise and glorify you this morning,

You are a wonderful God and my your name be lifted high above all other names,

Lord of mercy, what a joy in our church that you have given us,

This is the day we have always looked forward to,

We have a special occasion in this church,

Your grace has seen us here today,

As we start Lord the programs of this day,

We praise and give you honor,

Thank you for enabling you and old to find time to be here today,

We have so much ahead of us that Lord you have provided for us,

May we learn something out of this occasion that it is you Lord who leads us,

We invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to abide with us

And help us to understand your will always Lord,

Above all forgive our shortcomings as a church and always shows your ways that are Holy to us,

Protect us always from all manner of evil and guide us to walk in your paths,

Thank you loving Father for hearing us and as we commence be with us

For we pray through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


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