opening remarks for church anniversary

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Here is an opening remarks for church anniversary for the occasion in the church.

opening remarks for church anniversary

Below here is a sample for the opening remarks in the church


Dear brethren I greet you in Jesus name, good morning

What joy this morning as we gather here to mark this anniversary in our church,

We want to thank our Lord for guiding us this far, we have seen His hand and want to thank Him so much,

Those who  have been in this church for long can bear witness that we have seen tremendous growth in terms of numbers and the structure and above all we have grown spiritually,

We give God glory and honor and He is worthy to be praised for ever,

Today as we reflect back on the goodness of the Lord upon our church, we can just say thank you Lord

I take this opportunity once again to welcome you and feel at Jesus feet. It is a warm welcome to our church and as I invite other speakers to speak. May the grace of the Lord be with us now and always through Jesus Christ.

Here also is opening remarks for church anniversary and prayers for the occasion.

Praying for the anniversary is good and a duty to each and every one who want the work of the Lord to continue successfully.

Paul talks to us in the Bible about praying without ceasing. Let us pray for our pastors without stopping.

When you read in the book of James 5: 16 it talks about talking to each other about our progress as well as our faults and praying for each other so that we can be healed completed.

Then confess our sins to our Father who is in heaven.

Confession is mandatory to make our Christian journey a success. That is why when we read in the book of 1 John 1:9 it tell us that when we confess our sins.

Our dear father who is in heaven is faithful and justice to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteous.

Prayer for your pastor here

We need to pray always

Our dear loving father who is in heaven,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you very much

Thank you for the provisions in our lives

I want to thank you for giving me the gift of life

Let me remember my Pastor,

Pastor (place her or his name here)

Thank you for the good health

Thank you have given him

Thank you for guiding him so far

May you continue giving him wisdom and knowledge

To guide our fellowship

Create in him a new heart and put in him a good spirit

As you have promised in the book of psalms 51:10

Thank you for hearing this prayer in Jesus name

I pray and believe


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