opening words for church service

Brethren in Christ, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Let me take this opportunity to thank God for allowing us to be here today and on behalf of my family and myself, we feel honored to stand before this beautiful church.

What a joy in our hearts to come and worship with you and also be your ministering servants in this church.

We want to thank you for the hospitality and the warm welcome you have accorded to us. We feel at home and thank God for everything.

When we were asked by church administration to come to serve,in our own imaginations didn't know what we will find in the ground. After coming here today ,  we thank God that this place is so good and hope that we shall stay here more so that we can experiment  of what we seen today.

opening words for church service

All visitors present I greet you Maranatha,what a joy to feel your presence in our church today

Our visitors who have come today to fellowship with us, we feel honored to host you in the house of the Lord and may you visit us regularly so that we can share the love of God.

It's a great honor to have you in our midst as we fellowship together. I know it is the goodness of the Lord that has brought you today.

We feel privileged to have chosen our church among many to meet with your Lord. We thank you for your coming and know that our heavenly Father will shower us with the rain of blessings.

opening words for church service

Let me take this opportunity to welcome each and everyone of you to our church service. And a very warm welcome to those who are attending for the first time. Whether you were passing by or you are looking for a warm place to worship.

We take this time to welcome you in a wonderful way.We are a body of Christ and we love everyone whether it is your first time or second time and so on.Our mandate here is to love one another so that the joy of the Lord maybe full in our hearts.

Firstly, we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior and we extend the olive to those ones who are new to make Him their personal savior because he is the way,the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through Jesus Christ.

As his followers we care about you and all other people. We are here for the purpose of sharing his love and care because that is the command that he left us to do when he ascended to the father.That is what makes us gather each week here.I want to encourage those who are new to fill a form that is found at the back of the bulletin. Just write your names and e-mail address since we would love to get in touch with you and cement this relationship we have created here today.And if you have specific prayer request you can also write it down so that we can remember you in our prayers

opening words for church service

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