pastor and first lady appreciation

Looking for pastor and first lady appreciation? A day for pastor and first lady is a fresh breath to the congregation and the members of the church.

 Here are the scriptural poems to look at adapted from the book of Psalms.

A great poem that you can share with them comes at hand and will go down as the best gift of appreciation that you can give them.

What a day for the pastor and first gentleman and the first lady and shepherdess.

What a joy pastor

What a joy we have as a church

As we celebrate your marvelous work


We look back and praise God for His mercies

Our God is a wonderful God


We love Him and praise Him always

For His wonderful grace

His flows through the anointed one

And among the anointed one

You are one of them


Your enriching word so edifying to us

And every member is eager to see

You every Sunday for your lovely word

That comes to us from the Lord flowing

Through you


When you stand on the pulpit

Everybody remains silent

For the Holy hour

As you lift up your voice

And other out the love from the Lord

We all agree with a big Amen


We all can see how much the Lord

Love us

We all can here the Holy spirit

Whispering and revealing to us

The wonderful love from the Love


We can look at the cross through

Our spirit and see what manner of love

The Lord Has for us

He loved us while we were far away

He cared for us while we had so much burdens

In our hearts

Our God is a wonderful God


And He portrayed His love on the cross

We all can see that He loves us unconditionally

He cares for us more that we can imagine

His Love is so great to us

Our God is wonderful always


He carried our sorrows on the cross

He carried our grief on the cross

He carried our iniquities on the cross

And though His stripes we are healed


What manner of Love does the Lord has for us

We just thank Him and praise Him very much

We luck words to say but the Holy Spirit is

Revealing to us always


Thank you pastor for your word always

for your love and we appreciate always

be blessed and may you inspire many

to know the Lord always

pastor and first lady appreciation

praying for the pastor

Many people forget the blessings that God has already given them and the many things that he has done to us through Christ of which we are getting them through the grace of God.

It is good to look back and thank God for the things that you have in your life.

Imagine the free gift that you have in life. How many people have died just as i'm typing this here. I don't need an answer but we all know about it.

We have a reason to say thank you God for what you have done to our lives because were it not for Jesus Christ then live would be complicated.

He is the way truth and the life and we can do nothing without him.

As you thank God for what he has done to you also don't forget to mention your pastor as you praise God and given him glory and honor.

God has promised us in  his word that he will never leave us nor forsake us and he is with us to the end of the world.

We thank him for his mercies and his unconditional love.

What joy do we have to be called his sons and daughters. We are now redeemed through Christ and we can praise.

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