pastor and wife anniversary poems

Looking for pastor and wife anniversary poems? Here are the biblical poems that you can share with your pastor and the first lady during the anniversary.

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As you already know remembering this occasion in the church brings happiness and appreciation for the people concerned and in our pastor and the wife.

They have played a very important role in the church since they joined you and as a church it is good to appreciate what they have done.

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Look at the sample pastor and wife anniversary poems provided below here.

pastor and wife anniversary poems

The pastor and wife anniversary poems below here can be shared with the free gift that you want to surprise your pastor and the first lady with.


Pastor and the first lady
this is your day that the Lord has made
we are here rejoicing because of His goodness
we want to thank Him very much
because of His grace

we can only count years just like counting the fingers
it is only the other day when you joined us
we have formed a family and we are united
we want to praise the Lord
because of you

it was the plan of our almighty Lord
you and the first lady to come to this journey
and we can all say amen because of the purpose

you have always encouraged us to pray always
because that is where we draw our strength from
you have always told us to read the bible prayerfully
everyday since that is where our success and prosperity comes

we are joining hands today as we mark this anniversary
to say that thank you very much pastor and the first lady
for the encouragement and the inspiration
you have got he anointing of the Lord to empower us into greater

every we kneel down specifically to remember
the good work that you are doing
and the much blessings each and every one of us is enjoying
because of your revelations from the Lord

pastor and wife anniversary poems

pastor and wife anniversary poems


The day is finally with us,

When we are remembering the goodness of our Lord,

He is been good to us in all ways,

We have joy in our hearts,

This day can confirm that,


Young and old have come from far,

They have traveled with love,

You can smell the fresh air of love

All of us can confirm that,

This day can confirm that,

We are happy today

When I first heard the our chairman announcing
that we are going to have a new pastor
immediately he mentioned your name
in my mind I pictured the kind of a pastor
we are going to have in our church

this is the same picture that have always heard since then
a caring,loving,uplifting pastor
since I was new to this church
the desire of my heart has been always
to have a fatherly figure as a pastor
and I want to thank the Lord
for answering my prayers
and I want to give him the glory always

as we remember this day
let me take this chance to say thank you
very much the pastor and first lady
for showing your love unto us
and let it remain for ever and ever

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