Pastor Anniversary Speech

Here is a pastor anniversary speech for the occasion in the church

Good morning brethren of God!

Allow me to greet you in Jesus mighty name,

Hope and trust that you are doing well in the Lord,

Am standing you in one accord to extend a warm welcome to our church today

We want to thank our Lord for the wonderful mercies bestowed upon us this day

As we celebrate this event in our church

God has seen it well for us to gather in this manner as a church for this occasion

To remember his goodness in our lives

We are marking an anniversary in our church and still counting many blessings from our Lord

Feel welcome to our church and may the love of God be with you always.

Thanks for taking time to listen to me.

God bless you.  

pastor anniversary speech tips

You have been asked to give pastor anniversary speech. Here is a sample of the speech and what you need to do to give a powerful speech.

It is an honor to give a speech during the anniversary of your pastor on the behalf of others. And also it can be anxious when you are not prepared.

Welcome to our page where we are going to show you how to give a powerful speech on the behalf of the fellow Christian.

We are sure you going to enjoy giving the speech.

As a pastor I love when someone stands to recognize my effort and the good service that i'm offering to the church.

The command of making disciples is not an easy one but by the grace of God we are able to do through Christ who gives us strength.


Some of the tips that you can observe as you prepare to give a speech are the following:

Plan a head.

Many people don’t know the importance of plaaning a head. Avoid as much as possible the last minute rush. Preparation is very important.

Even me as a pastor I know that I need to prepare the sermon early enough. Actually on week to the worship day. So that I can avoid a lot of anxiety that comes by when you are not prepared.

Practice now and again

If you have been selected to give the speech it is good to write down the speech and start doing rehearsal with it.

Start immediately and repeat the words loudly. Then from there you can spot the areas that you want to do some improvement.

Ask members that are close to you to listen to your speech and criticize it. They can make a contribution so  that the speech can come our well.

An example of a pastor anniversary speech

pastor anniversary speech to welcome visitors

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our savior, good morning!

What honor to stand before you this morning as I welcome you specially to our church occasion for the pastor anniversary,

It was only the other day when we did the same, how time flies?

We can all remember how the day was and here we are again doing the same but now better than last year,

Those who are attending again after last year, we want to thank God for the opportunity because He is faithful to us and has guided us to see again to see this anniversary in our church.

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to share this wonderful event in the church calendar and this love of God that is bestowed upon us will extend to others so that we can all live in harmony while loving one another,

We have decided to dedicate this day towards sharing this love to the less privilege in the society and now the activities of this occasion will center on that.

We are going to visit children’s home and the streets that surround our church to take this message there.

Therefore as we start this day. Let me welcome every one of you to be part of the team that will make this day a success.

Allow welcoming our church pastor to also give a speech then we shall run the day as the Lord has allowed us to do so.

Feel welcome and be blessed.


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