pastor anniversary poems

Pastor anniversary poems for an the occasion in the church. Get the poems for the warm welcome in the church.

Those that have composed and the one that have picked from the scripture called bible based poems.

Let us start with the poems that have composed by myself through the inspiration of the Holy spirit.

Below are the pastor anniversary poems to have a look at.

 We are happy today

We are so happy today
we happy because we remember
The anniversary of our pastor
Who has served us well

Thank you for being our pastor
We are so happy having you as our pastor
You always encourage us
You always inspires
You always empower us

We all thank God for you
Thank you for the messages
Thank you for the scripture reading
We are happy and always thank God


pastor anniversary poems


More Pastor anniversary poems

pastor anniversary poems

It is another day that we have seen

that the Lord has given
it is because of his goodness
that we are alive and His grace is sufficient

it is only the other day
ooh no not another day
but another year that we sat here
to remember many things
that the Lord has done to us
through our pastor

we can all agree that since pastor
joined us we have experienced a lot
both spiritually and physically
we have tasted the goodness of the Lord
through our pastor and we want to say
thank you pastor and may you live long
to see the marvelous fruits that you have been
planting since you joined our church

we have enjoyed your presence and I want to say
that you are indeed a blessing to this church
as we celebrate this anniversary
let me say thank you for accepting to be part of this family
and may continue doing the work of the Lord
that you were called to do on this earth
of preparing the people for the second coming
of our Lord Jesus Christ
thank you and may you be blessed abundantly
in all that you do
thank you and thank you again.

pastor anniversary poems

pastor encouraging words for anniversary and pastor anniversary poems

It is a good day indeed

We have gathered here once again
to celebrate and mark the anniversary our pastor
we all can remember that it is only the other day
when sat in this manner to have a wonderful occasion
this reminds us that we are moving somewhere
not only the second coming of our Lord is near
soon we shall be at home
let us all praise the Lord for the wonderful love
that he has for us always

pastor anniversary poems

Today marks another day

That we are remembering something
In our church
Those who are keen
Can be curious and want to know
We all know why we are here
Is there anyone who doesn’t know
By show of hands let us see him or her
I guess there is none
This is a very important day in our calendar
Because seconds have turned into minutes
And minutes have hours
And hours into days
Days into weeks and weeks into months
And months into a years
And a year into years
Who knew that today will be
The fourth anniversary since pastor joined
Into seems like it is yesterday
I can remember well
Welcoming our pastor to this church
When he was very new
The first day I felt disappointed for seeing him
I only judged him in the outlook
Today I can confirm that when man looks at the physical
Appearance the Lord looks at the heart
We all can agree that pastor has been a blessing to us
In a very unique way
As we mark this anniversary
We are praying that the Lord may add him
Many years to live
So that he can do more that he has done for the last
Four years
Pastor thank you very much
And may God bless you mightily
For the wonderful work that you do
To show many the road that lead to heaven
Be blessed always.

MORE OF THE pastor anniversary poems

YOU WILL ALWAYS ENJOY pastors anniversary poems

Pastor anniversary poems

We have another year
Has given us
We praise and glorify Him always
Thank you Lord for another years
We are in another year
As we celebrate this anniversary we praise
God for that

Poem for your pastor

This is another anniversary

I can remember vividly the yesterday celebration

We can thank the Lord for his divine guidance

That he has given us so far and we know through his

Word  that he will guide us always


He has told us in the book of Mathew chapter twenty eight

Verse twenty that he is with us to the end of our journey

What a profound truth that we have from our loving God

We thank Him and praise Him always


What a loving Father that we have who care for us always

His word says in the book of Psalms chapter seventy seven

And in verse eleven and twelve where the word of God says

That we can remember the works of the Lord and His wonders

In our lives in this church

We thank and praise the Lord always


Let us take this opportunity to meditate upon His wonderful works in our Church

We can witness a lot that the Lord Has given and showed in us as a church

We shall keep on trusting in the Lord always because He is faithful and will always

Show us great plans that He Has in our lives as the word of God tell us in the book

Of Jeremiah chapter twenty nine in the eleventh verse which talks about His great good news plan

For us as a church


We thank Him and praise Him always

As we celebrate the good work of our pastor in our church

We thank him for his selfless service that he has rendered to our church

We can remember the encouragement that we get always from him

The edifying word that we receive every Sunday service and the counseling service

That we all get

We thank you pastor and we pray that may you live to see more in this world and much blessings

To follow you always.

pastor anniversary poems

God created you for a purpose

He gave you talents and gifts

We can feel the love of God

Through you

What a privilege in our Church


Thank you pastor for hearkening

The call of God to be pastor

Everybody in our church is always happy

As we celebrate your stay with us

We feel humbled always


What a joy that we have in our church

Because we can feel your presence


We love you and appreciate you very much

Thank you for accepting to be in our church


Young and old always praises you

They appreciate for your kind word

They love you sermons

They love your advice

They love your discerning gifts

You make us happy always


It is our prayer always

That you remain steadfast in your work

You grow and go far for the work

You are doing of nurturing souls is good

Thank you very much


As we look forward

To another year of prosperity

We expect to see more

Of your kind word

That God is doing through you

Be blessed always pastor

We love you very much.

We love you pastor

Thank you for being our pastor

We can always appreciate the wonderful work

That you are doing to us always

You are so lovely

Your prayers,the sharing of the word

We appreciate a lot

May the Lord bless you the work of your hand

And may you live long to see the fruits of the seed

That you have planted.

pastor anniversary poems

Thank you for being our pastor

We adore you and cherish you past
The love of God that is flowing through
You from God
Can always be felt in our congregation
It is our wish pastor
That may you live many years
Because we love you very much
May you continue growing
From one glory to another
In the grace of God
We love you and cherish you
We want to thank our almighty God
For anointing you to be our pastor
Your service of humanity is always recognized
Everybody adores you in the church

If your pastor has shared with you a powerful sermon and feel touched and want to encourage him to continue with the same. Then you can use the poem below here to say thank you for the wonderful sermon.

Thank you poems are great way to show your love to your pastor because pastors need your encouragement all the time and one way of showing your pastor that you love him is through poems.

encouraging words for pastor anniversary

Here are the encouraging words for pastor anniversary

Thank you pastor for the word

When I woke up last Sunday
I didn’t know how the day will unfold
As usual I was up by seven in the morning
I got prepared for the church
I took my usual porridge
That I take all the Sundays
I dressed my Sunday best
And was ready for the church
As I was coming
The birds were singing outside
The relies showed love to me
The sun was smiling to me
And the air was warm and welcoming
I came and sat at the back
Of the church listening to good music
As my memory jogged here and there
I kept on thinking about this beautiful day
That the Lord had given me and others
As the service started
I saw you pastor with full mood
Of the day
I would feel the presence of the Holy Spirit
That the Lord gave us to teach and bring
Everything into remembrance
What  joy to my Lord
When the Lord started speaking to you
 I felt touched in my heart
I would see with my own eyes the Lord speaking to me
It was a wonderful sermon
Coming home
The lord is calling you
Come home
This is a sermon I can never forget
In my life pastor
Keep up and may the Lord use you
Be blessed.

pastor anniversary poems

Be inspired always

Let the Lord guide you always
As Paul wrote in his books
inspired by the Holy spirit
And whatever you do in word or deed,
do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

You will always achieve all that the Lord called you to do
the word of God which is life and spirit
will see you through in all the you do
it is a guide and a lamp unto our feet
For what thanks can we render to God for you,
for all the joy with which we rejoice for your sake before our God,
We shall praise him always

Let us remember that the Lord created us to glorify him always
so that in everything give thanks;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
for through it you shall know the will of God
for your life...

pastor anniversary poems

We thank you pastor

We give thanks unto the Lord, we call upon his name

And we make known his name among nations

We seek his strength every day with praises

We remember his marvelous work in our life

We thank him for his wonderful love for us always


Our loved pastor,

We love you so much

We thank God always for you

We know from the scripture in the book of psalms

105 read in verse nineteen which says that he send his word

To try you


God has always used you to bless others

Your guidance that you have provided both to the church and to individuals

Is always recognized

We thank you and praise the Lord always


May you live long to see your wonderful work

That you have done to the body of Christ

You have been a blessing and thank the Lord for you

May your family members enjoy the love that flow to them

From Jesus Christ. 

Inspirational poems about pastors

We give thanks to the Lord

Ooh give thanks to the Lord for he is good

For his mercy endure forever

We thank him for great wonders upon our lives

We thank him for the wisdom

We thank him for the moon and the stars

To him glory and honor for ever and ever


We wake up each morning to worship him

For his love is unconditional to us

Praise to the Lord

Praise his name always

He provides everything that we need through Jesus Christ

He always opens the door for us

He always hears our prayers that we offer every now and then

We thank him and praise him always


Every day we bless him

Great his wonderful works that we see

The lord is good to all of us

We have witnessed a lot in our lives

We thank him always

Our God is good.

pastor anniversary poems

Look at the following pastor anniversary poems

Our only pastor

We want to thank you

For your effortless and tireless

Service you give us a church


We want to praise our savior

For you always

For His mercies and His love

That He has for us always


When we wake up each morning

We thank our Lord

For the wonderful day that he has given us

We want thank him for the gift of life

We thank him for the free air that we breath

We thank him for the word

We thank him for our pastor


Pastor you are our blessing always

You nourish us with your word

You encourage us to do more

You encourage us to pray always

You encourage us to share faith with one another

You encourage us to uplift one another

You encourage us to love one another

You encourage you to stay in love always

You encourage us to pray for another

You are indeed a blessing to us


We pray to our most high God

To always be upon you and your family

May he reveal his love for you always

May he teach to more to stay in his love

May his love from through you to others

We praise him and glorify him always

Pastor thank you for the word

This morning I wake up

Meditating on the word that you shared with us

Yesterday in the service

I remembered everything that you told us


It was a much blessing to hear your word pastor

You encouraged us to stay in the word always

You told us to plant the seed which is the word of God

As the bible says in the book of mark chapter four verses fourteen


Sowing the word of God in our hearts

Will do miracles always

It will make us prosper and have much blessings in our lives

It was indeed good for the inspiration that we got pastor

Be blessed always.

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