pastor appreciation welcome speech example

Below is the pastor appreciation welcome speech example.

Yo have been looking for speech example to use during the forth coming pastor appreciation occasion in the church.

Thank you for visiting our page. We have sampled some great example that you can have a look, they are some of the sample that we produce for your own use. They are just purely samples and if you want a speech that is customized and can fit your church occasion.

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Meanwhile look at this sample below here.

pastor appreciation welcome speech example

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus,
How are you doing all those who are present here, let me thank each and everyone of you for finding time to come here and grace this occasion.
It is a day we have always looked forward to as a church, we have been praying for it and we thank God for enabling us to see it and we share that he has given us. We give honor and glory to him.
This is a day that we remember the goodness of the Lord in our lives,the moments we reflect the much the Lord has done to each and everyone of us by giving us the free gift of life and making it possible to meet and worship Him.
Our pastor who has been our spiritual Dad in this church.Has always been a blessing to us and God has used him in many ways to give an encouragement word and also uplifting souls that need help.
As we share that love today,may the will of God continue being manifested and we pray that God may He add our pastor more years like He did to Hezekiah so that we can continue being blessed.
Feel at Jesus feet and may you be blessed always in the Lord.

pastor appreciation welcome speech example

I greet you in the name of Jesus,
Let me first thank God for the gift of life, let me also thank the Holy Spirit for showing us the way and making it possible to reach at this hour during this day as we celebrate this pastor appreciation event in our church.
I know majority of us have always prayed for the occasion and we want to thank our heavenly God for enabling us to see it. We have so many activities lined up as we share the love he has given us. starting from the children to the elderly and even the guests.
We want today when we come to the end,we give God glory and honor because he is our loving Father who cares for us.
Thank you for coming and may God bless you all.

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