pastor wife appreciation poems

Here are the best pastor wife appreciation poems that you can share during the occasion in church.

You can  share Christian Love to the pastor's wife using the following poems .

You are a great partner

You are more worthy that money can buy

we cannot find anybody life you

you are fearfully and wonderfully made

You are really a blessing to us

You have always stood besides our pastor

you play a very important role in his life

you wake up very early in the morning while

others are sleeping and you pray for him

you always give him humble time to meditate

you have helped him to prepare a sermon

you speak wisdom to him

and stand besides him always

you are so lovely mom

Because the Lord has used you

you have remained a blessing to our church

Now pastor is looking healthy

you blow like wind from the north and

the root shoot up nourished well

thank you mom and be blessed always

Thank you for visiting our page for free poems that you can use to thank your pastor’s wife. The poems can also be used in your thank you notes.

The poems found here can also be read in front of the congregation as you appreciate your pastor’s wife.

We believe that the wife is doing a great job. Imagine standing beside the pastor. She is the one who knows everything about the pastor.

Take your time to appreciate the kind of work she is doing.

Do your best to appreciate her. Send her a card that has the poem that we share here on this page. There is a lot that you can do to appreciate her.

Otherwise it is by faith that everything is possible. We all human being and we need to be appreciated for what we do even if it is very small.

That is the reason as to why the wife of your pastor needs your encouragement and your support. When you appreciate her-it shows you understand and also empathize with what she is doing.

Every morning before the service starts. She looks after your pastor and makes him ready for the service. She is the one who listens to the sermon and nods before you get it.

pastor wife appreciation poems

pastor wife appreciation poems

The poem below can be shared to the pastor's wife from church members during an occasion in church.

You are always in our hearts

To our mom
You will always be loved
You are always in our hearts

Thank you very much
Thank you for the work
The work your doing
You are always besides our pastor

You have always taken care of him
You encourage him when he is down
We appreciate very much
We are so much for that
You are really our mother

Thank you for the encouragement
Thank you for the inspiration
We love you mom
Thank you for being our mom


Let me take this opportunity

to thank our almighty God

For the love He has for us

we want to thank him for the gift of life

he has given us always


mom let me say we love you

and we are very much grateful for the kind of work

you are doing you and our spiritual father

Dad pastor

We appreciate and want to say thank you God

For the beautiful family he has given us.

Thank you

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