poem for pastor appreciation day

Are you looking for poem for pastor appreciation day to help you during the occasion in the church?

As the pastor appreciation day which happens to be in the month of October near, you and your church might be interested with materials that can make the day a success in your church.

We have made it possible for you to get the material at one stop, that means in a page you can access any material including the poems you are looking.

we have written the best biblical poems to share with your pastor and the first lady.

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Thank you for visiting our page for poems that you can use to share with your pastor or someone else as you appreciates your pastor during this day.

A time has come when we need to appreciate our pastor for the good job he is doing.

We are all human beings and we need to be appreciated all the time. Our pastor is not exception. He is just a pastor like anyone else.

Take your moments and appreciate your pastor.

You can send your pastor by sending him a card or a gift. Then you can accompany the card or the gift with the free poem that is found on this page.

He will feel good for what you have done. Am sure he will also appreciate a lot for the poem.

The poem that is found here is only used to send to thank your pastor. It is like a prayer you are making to thank God for anointing your pastor to be your spiritual father.

Beside he is doing a great job of feeding you with the word of God. He takes his time to prepare to come and feed you with the word of God.

He provides counseling to any member of your church who needs his attention. Take your time to thank him for the good work.

poem for pastor appreciation day

Poem for pastor appreciation day

We appreciate you pastor

Today we take our opportunity
To thank you for what you are doing to us
Thank you for your prayers
Thank you for the encouragement
We appreciate for that

We take this time to honor your devotion
You always encourages
You inspire us to look unto Jesus
Thank you pastor
And may God bless you very much

The much work you are doing we cannot be able to pay here
But be sure God will reward you richly
You will be crowned when we go home
Thank you very much

The poem below have adopted it from the book of Psalms chapter forty which is my favorite book.

It is a lovely poem that you can share with your pastor during the celebration day.

May all who want to take my life
be put to shame and confusion;
may all who desire my ruin
be turned back in disgrace.
May those who say to me, “Aha! Aha!”
be appalled at their own shame.
 But may all who seek you
rejoice and be glad in you;
may those who long for your saving help always say,
“The Lord is great!”

But as for me, I am poor and needy;
may the Lord think of me.
You are my help and my deliverer;
 you are my God, do not delay.

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