Poem to welcome church visitors

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There is no better way to say welcome visitors than through a poem from the bible.

Reading the poem below for the visitors who have come to worship with you in the church for the first time or who have been invited to your church will make your church look caring.

Anyone will love to associate with group of people who care for them and shows them that they are loved.

As a church it is good to keep that love flowing through various ways and one of them is through poems.

We have picked the best biblical poem from the scripture that you can share with visitors as you welcome them to your church during the worship hour,an occasion in the church and so on.

The poem will also act as a evanjelism tool to show the purpose of your church and why one need to join your church if he can manage to attend your services regularly.

Don't miss to commit the visitor to the Lord because that is the call of the church to do on earth.

Poem to welcome church visitors

Have a look at this poem below here that you can share with church visitors who have come for a fellowship or a service in your church.

The Lord is wonderful

let me thank the lord to today for the wonderful love
and care that he has shown to us as a church
today we are very much privileged to have a visitor
in our church

I take this opportunity to welcome him
to feel at the feet of Jesus who care of us
because this is the day that the Lord
has made for us to meet in this manner

we are most grateful for the great love
that is flowing to us and has enabled us
to have visitors in our church
I welcome them in a most wonderful way

As a church we love visitors and welcome them always
let this church be your second home
we love you and are always happy to share
the grace of God that is sufficient to keep us
through this life
welcome always and come with a brother or sister next
time you come to our church

A biblical poem to welcome church visitors

poem to welcome church visitors

This is the day

This is the day the Lord has given us

We are happy from the bottom our hearts

In this church we are blessed today

To have special guests in the house


It is not always to have this special people

Around but when the Lord sends them here

We thank our lord


Somewhere people did the same and welcomed angels

Who knows we might be with the angels of the lord


We are always grateful for what the lord is doing

In one accord we say welcome our guests and worship

With us today

Feel at Jesus feet always and welcome to our church always

When you want to worship the lord.

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