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Here is a biblical prayer for pastor that can inspire you to pray the same for your pastor as a way of appreciating him all the time.

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In this page we have more than one sample prayer that you can have a look at. The best thing you can remember as a Christian is that ,we need to depend on the Holy Spirit all the time because it is the helper that Jesus promised to send us so that we can be helped to pray because we don't know how to pray.

Otherwise may God bless you as you celebrate the pastor day in your church and pass my regards to the rest of the church members and tell them I'm praying for you.

We are together in the spirit.

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prayer for pastor

Our heavenly Father what a joy we have to see this day,
That you purposed for us as the church to see it,
We want to thank you for allowing us to congregate here so that we can worship you
We are here to mark an important event in our church,
we are celebrating our pastor and for using him to bring the messages of hope to us
As we commence the programs,Dear Father be with us and my your name be glorified in the name of Jesus we pray and believe.

The best thing we can do is to remember our pastor whenever we offer petitions to our heavenly Father God.

The command that Jesus left us to do is to love one another always. This is a spiritual law that anyone who want to make her life a success must cooperate with at all times.

prayer for pastor before service is very essential because the message is inspired by God and its is from God.

Offer this prayer in any situation that have adapted from the Bible.

Prayer for the pastor before service

Our dear loving Father who is in heaven
Glory and honor be to you this morning
Father we want to praise and glorify you
for the wonderful love that you have given
thank you Lord for allowing us to gather
Here this morning,
Father you have promised that where two or three
are gathered in your name,there you are
Father we believe that you are with us here
As pastor is going to speak your word to us
We thank you for using him
Lord thank you for hearing and answering our
prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.

Is your pastor celebrating his birthday anytime soon. Then you need to offer a prayer on his birthday

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