priestly anniversary wishes and prayers

Below find priestly anniversary wishes and prayers that can help to share with the man of God during his occasion that will take place soon.

Let me join the rest of the church members as we put our hands together to celebrate with you as you remember your priestly anniversary that will take  place next Sunday, we want to thank our loving God who is in heaven for giving a man of God like you, you always bless us with the word of God,  your prayers on our behalf to God is always enriching.  God bless you as you start  another year of service.

Priestly prayer during the occasion 

Our loving God who is in heaven thank you for allowing us to congregate here during this occasion when we are celebrating the man of God whom you send to serve us spiritually , we are grateful for giving us this wonderful opportunity to fellowship together this day,as we mark this occasion together we as you to be with us,guide and be with us until we finish,thank you for visitors that you blessed us with,thank you for bringing them from far and wide to participate in this occasion, as we begin be with us until the end for we pray in Jesus name. Amen

Priestly prayer to end the occasion

Dear loving Father who is in heaven in one accord we want to thank you for the occasion we have just had, thank you for the activities we have just held and participated together. We have just seen your hand, we want to pray for our priest that you continue blessing him and the work you have given him,fill him with wisdom and knowledge so that your love can flow through him,as we leave for our homes from here,we ask for your presence to go with us, we thank you for everything in Jesus name. Amen 

priestly anniversary wishes and prayers

Priestly wishes

Me and my family want to take this precious moment to wish you all the best as you celebrate 10th anniversary since you were ordained for the ministry,we have seen so much that the Lord has done through you and we have faith that he is going to use you mightly in the many years to come and we know that we are going to have many anniversaries in many years to come. God bless you 

priestly anniversary wishes and prayers

Our Lord has been good and that is why he has led us this far , be blessed pastor  as you celebrate your second anniversary this coming Sunday.

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