Sda sabbath welcome

The Sabbath is approaching and you want Sda sabbath welcome to help as you prepare for the day.

We understand how one can be nervous when asked to do a welcome and yu never done before.

We are happy that you have landed on our page and are going to guide and give you direction on how to go about it as you do a memorable sabbath welcome that the congregant shall never forget as you give God glory.

We know how the Sabbath is Holy,

Therefore as you prepare for do the welcome to the fellowship take keen to observe the following so that our loving God can guide the day.

Before you think of anything make sure you pray to ask the Lord to guide and give you a spirit of understanding.

Then, take the picture of your congregation, me writing here might not be aware of your congregation but you know them and have had a fellowship  together before.

All of them are your brothers and sisters in Christ, there is nothing to fear.

Now you can take a pen a paper together with the bible as you start writing the welcome you will do.

Do you expect any visitors during the Sabbath Worship, here you might want to recognize them.

It time to make an introduction of the welcome and arrange in order whom you will recognize first,inform the church about the activities of the day and finally welcome the next person to take over from you.

Below is just a sample that we have prepared for you to help you as you get ready for the Sabbath worship.

If you don't have time,you can download a ready to use sda sabbath welcome that we have written that is ready for you.

Follow this link welcome to church center to download one,

Take a note that we charge an access fee of $9.75 to enable us maintain this site up and running.

Meanwhile let us show you a sample on how a welcome is done.

Follow keenly and make yours exactly like that but the most important thing is for you to get inspired and be able to do one for the day since you understand the environment of your church and expectations too.

Sda sabbath welcome sample

Happy Sabbath everyone..God is good.

Let me take this precious moment that the Lord has given me to welcome you to today's fellowship.We are very happy to see this Sabbath after a long week of many activities. It is a time when  we rest and remember the goodness of the Lord.

Turn to your neighbor and welcome him or her to the Sabbath fellowship.

Before I hand over the program to the next person, let me say that we have much lined up this day and the Lord is going t bless us abundantly.

Feel at Jesus feet and happy Sabbath.

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