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speech for church chairman

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Brethren in Christ,I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus, good morning,

Let me take this opportunity to thank our heavenly Father for allowing us to be here today, As the chairman of this church want to welcome all of you to the program of this day and ask you to feel at Jesus's feet,

We are a loving church who love visitors and we feel very much privileged to welcome you to our church for the worship,

The speaker that the Lord gave us today, we thank God because he is going to feed us the bread of heaven and I'm sure all of us will be satisfied by the will of God that come to us today,

Before I make my final conclusion,let me thank the Holy Spirit for this provision and we thank God for the grace,

As we begin let the love of God be with us until we finish,

Feel welcome and God bless you

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church chairman speech

chairman speech in a church launching

Greetings in Jesus name

I'm humbled through the mercies of our Lord Jesus to stand before you today when we are doing this special launching of the church.

It is a day we have been looking forward to and wan to thank thank our Father who is in heaven for making it possible for us to be here today.

I want to thank each one of you for finding time to be here today, I want to also thank the visitors who have traveled from far and wide to be here, may the good Lord be with you always.

I appreciate the church at large,where am the chairman that the grace of God is with us always. May our church be a center for all people from all walks of life where they come to fellowship.

I thank you all for the the prayers and may the good God bless you abundantly

harvest committee chairman speech

chairman speech at wedding reception

Our special guests who have brought us here, the newly married couple of Mr and Mrs Mathews, the parents of both sides, invited guests and members of goodwill

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus,

What a privilege to come together as we celebrate this occasion together.

I thank this wonderful couple for entrusting me with this position of being a chairman of this occasion, it took the grace of God to see this day a success.

I also thank the MC for granting me this wonderful opportunity to speak on behalf of the organizing committee of the wedding.

At this juncture I just say thank you to each and every one of you, our work has come to an end.

God bless you all

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