spiritual poems for church anniversary

Looking for spiritual poems for church anniversary?

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If this is your first time have been asked to read a poem for the church anniversary and don't know where to get one from then welcome to our page for samples that can help you.

Below here is a sample plus information that can guide you as you prepare for the occasion in church.

spiritual poems for church anniversary

Lord we thank you for the wonderful love

Thank you for your guidance

Your promises are Amen and Yes and they will endure for ever

We are very much grateful for what you have done to our church

we thank you for the gifts and talents in this church

we are grateful from our hearts.

We know how precious your time is and want to help you save it as much as possible.

We major in producing church information for all occasions.

We are a real people and Christians who love the Lord. The one who writes the poems and church speech in this resource center has been a pastor for many years and got lot of experience.

He created this resource so that the churches from all over can benefit from the resources that the Lord has given him.

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If there is resource that you and your church can partner is this. We keep on producing church speeches,poems and many more for the church.

Like now the spiritual poems for church anniversary you are looking for is below here.

The above poem is just a sample that we have given so that you can know what you expect when it comes to spiritual poems for the church.

We also train and show you how to write an original poem for the church. This will benefit you because we have so many program that the church has through the year.

Thank you very much for trusting us and making us your partner so that together we can move forward and given God glory.

Below are the spiritual poems  that you can share with church fellow members to make the day and the event a wonderful one

spiritual poems for church anniversary

Let me welcome you all to today's program in our church,
the lord has been good to us and his goodness is upon us,
As we mark this special anniversary in our church,
we want to praise our God,

Who knew what the Lord would do to us,
we have really grown in reaps and bound to reach here today,
we started small but today we are rejoicing for the much blessings to us,
We know that the Lord is with us and will always reveal Himself to us,

Let me thank the Holy spirit in our midst,
The Lord send Him to be our comforter and we are happy about it
May the will of the Lord keep on manifesting and we taste His goodness always,
Thank you Lord always

The purpose of the occasion is to look back and thank God for the true guidance He Has provided the church at a whole and as you reflect on that.

Let the love of God be with you always as you enjoy the spiritual poems and other related materials in this resource center.

Let your church grow and be blessed always.

God is love be with you and what you do in life.

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spiritual poems for church anniversary

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