Testimonies from church members

Here are the testimonies from church members who are happy that they discovered Church pastor guide.

We don't claim to be the best and the only one but we can say confidently that we are the only church resource that helps church members who is their first time to do or speak before a church at any occasion.

We discovered that many church members have never given a church speech nor written one. This makes them nervous..

I'm sure you have felt the same or feels the same now.

And when a need arises;

Nothing to write home.....

The church is looking forward to celebrate their annual anniversary and the committee select a church member to prepare and give a welcome or a thanksgiving for the occasion.

This where majority gets a dead end.

Where do they begin...

When we realized that we don't a step by step process that can help, that is how church pastor guide was born.

since inception is over 9 years we have served so many members from around the world.

We are not a church nor a ministry but a resource that helps anyone no matter your church affiliation.

We respect all and treat you equally.

Here are some of the questions we get daily that church members ask to be helped.

I was chosen to do the Occasion on my Pastor and Wife 53rd Church Anniversary. This is my first time speaking. I have looked and looked but nothing is standing out for the Occasion. I want it to be very spirit led and the appearance to be from my heart. Its on 11-5-2017. I need help!!!! It's a COGIC congregation.

Btenfs~United States


I need an occasion speech for missary day.Need to tell why we are celebrating this day and what is the purpose of a missionary

Patricia Bell~United States


We have a good pastor who grew many churches and help many believers in the church.now we want to honor him . Which words are suitable or good to honor him? Please help me by writing examples words. Thank you very much

Emmanuel Onyam Tip Ayidoker~Sudan


celebration of 60th year.
theme is: when the holy spirit moves, let the earth hear.



I need to write a goodwill message for my church. we're having our annual word conference with the theme "God of all possibilities "



Welcome speech, introductory speech,guest speech, and etc.



I want a speech of welcoming the church on a sabbath day

Nomsa~South Africa


I need a vote of thanks speech that is to be said after a latin mass conducted in a school

reeba stephen~India


I'm the Elder in the Church, Papua New Guinea Christian Fellowship. I always welcome the Sunday victors and rest of the congregation before service starts. I want to include some bible verse, parables, when welcoming on Sundays. Please send plenty of samples including bible verses, parables, disciples etc.

William Rok~Papua New Guinea

Testimonies from church members

Here is the response after being satisfied by the assistance...

Thank you Pastor Hesbon for the beautiful speech. I feel blessed by reading the words I believe come from our Almighty God.

I have modifications and additions that God has given me to add to my special speech dedicated to the First Lady. Sister Susie Woodard , the First Lady and Pastor Dennis Woodward had poured so much joy into my life and my husband's life that cannot be measured. We are so grateful!

God is so good!

God bless you.
Thank you.


If you have the same need like our friends above then we are here to help you.

What you need to do:

  • Access our complete resources that has got all the occasion materials like welcome speeches,anniversary speech and poems, thanksgiving speeches,goodwill messages and many more..click here to download.
  • Getting our church guide to help you write and deliver any occasion material..click here to download.

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