welcome speech for new pastor

Here is the welcome speech for new pastor for you

I know you are looking for a speech to help if you are welcomed in the new church that you have posted.

So you feel stuck and don't know what to say.

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We have made it possible for you.

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welcome speech for new pastor

The senior pastor, church management and church members present.

I salute you through the name of our Lord Jesus, good morning to you all.

Let me take this precious opportunity that the Lord has given me to thank the almighty Father who is in heaven for allowing me to be here today and to stand before thanking you for allowing me to come and serve this church ..... .. ..........

welcome speech for new pastor

The above is just a sneak preview of an introduction to one of the templates that you are going to get.

You are guaranteed that we have taken our time to prepare the speeches.

Thank you for visiting our site, may our go

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