welcome speeches for church events

The sample welcome speeches for church events below can be used in an occasion in the church

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As the occasion draws near. You want to have a prepared speech to give during the event.

In our page we can help you to write one or look at the sample below and customize one tailored for your church and the event for the welcome speeches for church events

welcome speeches for church events

This speech is meant to be given to church event that you are marking an event since you moved to a new church building or sanctuary.

Dear brethren in Christ, I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus,

We are very much privileged to gather here today in a special way as we celebrate,

We are marking the first anniversary since we moved to the new sanctuary,

It is only the other day when we moved here and cant imagine that a year has already elapsed.

Indeed time flies,

This is a show that the coming of Jesus is very near and we need to be ready for His coming,

As we celebrate this milestone,we want to remember that we have played our part and may the good Lord keep on showing us His ways and love.

Let me welcome each and every one of you who have found time to be here to witness the goodness of the Lord in our church

We want to thank our Lord for being good to our church and has continued showing his mercies to us.

This event shows that the Lord is good and his promise never fails.

Feel welcome and may the holy spirit guide you as we enjoy this day together and we are sure it will end well and look forward to another time come next

The lord loves you and be blessed.

Below is an event speech for the Holy Communion in the church

welcome speeches for church events

A brief speech after donating things in the church

a brief speech that can be given to a church when donating things

I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus,

Thank you for allowing me to speech to you at this hour and let me thank the Lord for allowing me to be here today, I was passing by and saw it well to drop by and donate somethings that have always wished to give the church.

Let me thank the church for receiving them and may they be of help to the church.

God bless you and thank you all for the chance.

welcome speeches for church events

More samples for welcome speeches for church events

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to today Holy Communion service,

We are meeting once again in another commemoration of an event and activity that was started

By the Lord himself in showing love to one another,

As we remember that, let is also not forget that this is the greatest command that we love one another.

Feel welcome as we share this great act in our church,

The visitors who are joining us for the first time and are baptized we invite you to join us for this exercise that is very important to a Christian,

Without wasting time, let me invite those who are guiding to show us what we are going to do next,

Feel welcome.

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