write a persuasive speech

Want to write a persuasive speech in an occasion in the church?

You here because you want to know how to write a speech for an occasion including, church anniversary,pastor appreciation and so on.

We are going to take you step by step on how to write a church speech that is great and lovely for a day in the church.

If you are planning to write a persuasive speech to deliver in the church then the following guideline will help you.

Church speeches gives leaders and other authorized members of the organization to deliver and convey a message through the word of God.

Before we have a look at some tips in which you can guide you and be able to write a speech that will move the church but also bring glory to God.

The speeches delivered in the church falls into six categories or more but today we want to stick to the most common ones they are grouped into six.

You can now analyze and find out which category your speech falls into so that you can prepare well for the occasion.

There are some speeches that needs time to prepare while others don’t need much time because they are straight and to the point.

Types of speeches in the church.

  • Impromptu speech i.e. welcome speech
  • extemporaneous speech i.e. a sermon
  • special occasion speeches  
  • after dinner speeches
  • acceptance speeches
  • commemorative speeches i.e. anniversary speeches

write a persuasive speech -Factors to consider

When it comes to giving speech it depend on some factors that is going to influence the choice of the kind of the speech you will deliver.

The following are some of the factors that are going to influence the kind of speech and the topic to speak in the church.

  • Time
  • Audience
  • Occasion
  • Variety

write a persuasive speech

Let us look at each factor before we move to the samples speeches that can guide and help you deliver.

Time: If you have been given the task of giving the speech then knowing how much time you need to prepare is very important. How long are you going to speak.

Audience: Think carefully about the audience before you choose of the topic.If the topic does not interest your audience then you should avoid it.

Occasion:You need to have it in mind the occasion in the church. Is it the anniversary, Usher anniversary or what. This will give you an opportunity to prepare well for the occasion.

Variety:If you are the same member in the church then you need to choose a topic that captivates your audience to make them feel excited.

In order to give a great and moving speech in the church.The secret remains in practicing and believing in what you want to say.

The more you own the subject you are presenting the better you will come out.

It is my prayer that may the Holy Spirit help you and teach as you share the message to others in your church.

Remember that talking before people or any other congregation can be life threatening if you are not used to.

But the good news is that you can practice until you become a pro and you will start to enjoy the activity.

Therefore start early to enjoy giving a speech.See yourself like you are talking to a friend and feel composed.

It is more of the mind when it comes to giving a speech before people.

If you are asked by the church to talk before people by giving an introductory speech or a closing remark.

Always condition yourself that giving a speech is just like talking to a friend and you will get comfortable in the whole exercise.

That is how i got used to giving speeches before any congregation until now.

As you get used to talking you will with time speak from the heart but at first you can read a written speech like the one we are giving in our website.

They are modified welcome speeches that will assist you to be comfortable.

It doesn't matter how many times you speak before people but what matters is your attitude to speaking.

If you can convince yourself that you are good and the people you are talking to are just like you then speaking will be fun and you will love it always. Here we are aiming to make you feel comfortable and see that speaking is fun.

We share with you all that you need to make you comfortable until you will start enjoying it.

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