Occasion speech for deacon and deaconess ordination

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is nothing short of a profound honor to stand with you today, to witness the special recognition of faithfulness, humility, dedication, and service. We are here gathered on this auspicious occasion to honor the ordination of our beloved brothers and sisters to the holy order of deacons and deaconesses. This is not only a time of celebration but also a time for reflection and decision - a time during which we solidify within ourselves the true meaning of our shared faith and responsibility.

To our deacons and deaconesses in waiting, we would like to extend our congratulations. The path to this juncture was not effortless. It took spiritual discipline, deep devotion, and an unwavering dedication to uphold the teachings of our faith. You have enlightened us with your wisdom, inspired us by your selflessness, challenged us with your discipline, and comforted us with your compassion. Now, as we stand on the edge of this seminal occasion, we celebrate you in your new roles of leadership.

Being a deacon or a deaconess is not just an appointment or a title. It is a commitment to serve, lead, and embody the teachings of faith. It is about carrying the burden of others with grace, offering guidance when the path seems murky, standing tall even when the winds of adversity howl, and staunching fear with the comforting cloak of faith. It is about echoing the voice of our Lord and mirroring His love for all.

As we ordain these devoted servants of God, let us remember the unique value they bring to our congregation. Their undying spirit of humility, their steadfastness in faith, and their sublime will to serve will motivate us to seek greater heights, inspiring us to serve others selflessly. Let them be the beacon that lights our path in the most challenging moments, guiding us towards faith, love, and unity.

On this day, let's not only celebrate their ordination but also hold them up high and wrap them in prayer. As much as they are our servants, they are but humans, and as humans, they need our prayers, love, support and understanding to help them navigate the path they have chosen.

To our newly ordained deacons and deaconesses, may God provide you the wisdom to lead, the patience to listen, the courage to guide, and the grace to serve. Be reminded that just as you are the beacon for us, God will be your beacon, enlightening your path, offering His hand when you stumble and celebrating you when you rise.

Finally, let this be an occasion that extinguishes the divide between the leaders and the led. Let this be a moment of unity, an hour of mutual strengthening, a day of shared joy, and a dawn of communal aspiration. For in the end, we are all His children, created in His image, endowed with His grace, and destined for His glory.

God bless our new deacons and deaconesses. God bless us all.

Thank you.

Occasion speech for deacon and deaconess ordination

church ordination

Occasion speech for deacon and deaconess ordination

As you look forward to the ordination ceremony in church, we know that this is a very important occasion in church and we pray that our Lord Jesus to take charge of the occasion and make it a success.

Occasion speech for deacon and deaconess ordination

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