Appreciation for pastor

Tips about appreciation for pastor in the church. Use the tips in this page to appreciate your pastor.

As a pastor I love the idea of appreciating your pastor all the time and more so when it is done by the church.

Every church should recognize that when you appreciate your pastor you will make him happy all the time.

Below here find some useful tips that you can use to appreciate your pastor.

Pray for him.

I the book of james 5:16 the bible talks about …..pray for each other… church members take your time to pray for your pastor.

You can dedicate a day once a month just to pray for your pastor to show that you appreciate the work he is doing.

As an individual you can also pray for him privately as a show that you appreciate his work in your life.

Make friendship with your pastor.

Many people tend to fear their pastor thinking that if you become a friend to your pastor he might know your sins.

Not that way.

You need to make him your friend and always invite him to participate in your family gathering. If your organize for a an event it is not bad to invite your pastor a long. At least to offer a prayer.

What do you think of that?

You can also friend me in Facebook if you want to know what is happening in my daily life.

Appreciation for pastor

You can buy your pastor something.

As a surprise you can buy your pastor something that you know he is interested in.

What about buying him the best suit that you think he likes wearing. You are his member and you know he love a certain style or the latest fashion.

The point is to think outside the box and buy him something that will make him feel appreciated.

Appreciation for pastor

There is more you can do during the appreciation day for the pastor in the church. You can remember the last time you had it how wonderful it was.

This time using the last experience, you are going to improve it for the better.

since this is a yearly occasion in the church, make sure you build on the precious experience to improve for the better.

Our page here and the site in general are your partners in this journey and we are going to help you with the relevant information that you need to make sure you have had the success you always wanted as a church.

May the Holy spirit guide you in this journey so that all that are going to attend this event will give God glory and honor.

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