Ideas on pastor appreciation day

Looking for ideas on pastor appreciation day?

The occasion is nearing and don't have unique ideas that you can use to make the day great in church.

We as your partners in this journey we are here to make the occasion great for your church and you don't need to get worried on what you are supposed to do.

The pastor appreciation day is going to be a great day because God is love

Well, here are the biblical ideas that can help you organize a great and wonderful day for your pastor or pastors.

As the Bible tell us in Colossians 2:7 that we built our faith through thankfulness.

We need to look at that very keenly because it will help us to appreciate each other. The kingdom of God is built on the foundation of thanking each other and appreciating one another.

When you read in 2 peter 1:3 the bible says that God has given us everything that we need through the knowledge of him.

Without coming to the realization that God want us to know that everything is accessible through him and we receive those things through faith then many times we shall feel discouraged because we will think that we don’t have enough.


By acknowledging what God has given us and receiving them by faith then we are able to give free all those things that we receive by faith.

Luke 6:38 tell us to give freely and it shall be given to us in equal measure and also overflowing.

Therefore these are the ideas that you can use to make the day a success.

Give your time

The most important thing during this time is to give your precious time for the occasion. By planning ahead you are able to refine many things as you move one and finally when the day comes you will all celebrate for what you have done together

Choose the venue

Make sure you know the place that you are going to hold the occasion. Visit it early and make sure it is an ideal place to have a function.

If it is the church. Know where you are going to sit and how the decoration will be made.

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Below are more ideas on pastor appreciation day.

The point is to make this day lively as much as possible so that it can remain remembered for days to come.

Your pastor has got special anointing from the Lord and should be treated to so.

Reading Philippians 4:6 has a message and a guideline that we can all follow in whatever we do including the preparation for the day.

The verse reads: do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests unto God.

What a lovely verse that guides.

God knew that there is a likelihood of feeling anxious and that is why you will find people running up and down as they prepare for an occasion and even have the last minute rush feeling that they have not accomplished anything.

Today if you feel and you are also in the same state let us listen to what God is telling us as we pick one or two points that will guide us.

The following are the ideas for pastor appreciation day to look at as you prepare for the appreciation day.

Do not be anxious.

You know that many people have organized the event and there is nothing to worry about other than just putting one or two things in order and there you have a great day.

Make sure you involve the concerned people so that they can help you organize for the day. Plan a head well.

Put all things in place and inform all those who are participating to prepare well and have everything in place. For example let the ushers arrange for the place and also if you have singing choirs to polish their songs to sing in that day.

Pray as you share.

Remember that this is a very important day and everybody is looking forward to this day and its success. As the Bible tell us to plan and it also remind us that the success comes from the Lord.

Therefore it is good to ask member to pray for this day to have it a success. It is not that you are petitioning God to open us success but as the verse says you are acknowledging Him and involving the Lord in the whole activities.

Thank the Lord in advance.

Let us know that the day has been made a success and it is up to us to receive that success and make it part of ourselves and that is why we need to celebrate in advance and that the Lord of the day.

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