poems of welcome for church

Here are the poems of welcome for church

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When you feel that you want to send your pastor some encouraging and inspiring poems. You need to look for poems that are heartfelt and are full of hope.

inspirational poem for a new pastor

Today we shall all sing together

We shall gather together

Because our lives have changed

We love you pastor and appreciate

Your work

God’s love is flowing through you

And you don’t  hesitate

To share with your members

You are a lovely pastor

And be blessed always

The best has come to us

Through Christ

The son of God

Who was there since the creations

He became one of us

And adopted us

We have everything in him

Let us praise him all the time

It is because of his love

That we are alive

We have a reason to smile

All the time

We thank our Lord for everything

Let me thank the Lord for you

Since you joined our Church

We are always having joy

It is like you ignited it when you came

poems of welcome for church


Here are the spiritual poems for pastors.The holy Bible and more so the book of psalms has several inspiring poems that you can use to send your pastor and they are good pastor poems.

You can make them more appealing by writing them using your own handwriting and send them to him or her.

poem of encouragement

Thank you being my pastor
thank you for being my pastor
thank you for the love
thank you for the word
thank you for the inspiration
thank you for the encouragement
thank you for being there always.

poems of welcome for church


We are glad this morning

Because God has given us the gift of life

We have come here to worship together

We praise and glorify God for the tender care


We have a long week but today is our day

We welcome you all to our worship our which is very enriching

We thank God for guiding us all through

Welcome each and every one of you


The love of God is binding us together

His grace is sufficient to us always

His mercies endures forever

May our father live forever

We thank God for everything

Done to us as a church


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