black church anniversary ideas

When it comes to black church anniversary ideas what really matters is the personal touches that you show your church and the pastor

The bible records on how Jesus set an example when it comes to treating others. And he gave a command that do to others what you want them to do to you.

Which means show the one you love most the love first the same way you want them to show you.

Therefore as you celebrate the event think about the most important thing that you want to show your pastor and do it to him during this anniversary because how you do it matters a lot.

I have given some suggestions in this page that you can adopt and use them to show the best to your pastor as you mark the special anniversary.

Set aside a special service to your church and the pastor.

You can plan as a church to have a special service that is dedicated to your pastor and show him that you appreciate the work he is doing to your church.

During this day you can ask members to do the best thing that come to their mind anything that they can imagine. Just note that people are creative by nature and if given an opportunity they can show their creativity.

Tell them and encourage them to come up with ideas that can make this day a wonderful day for everyone to be happy. The best thing to do is to give them time to prepare.

You will be sure that the day will be the best day every in that year.

Some of the ideas that you can come up with during this day is like

Singing the best song ever- ask members to come up with great songs that you can dedicate to your church and the pastor. Make them unique and lovely one.

You can plan a banquet after the service- Since you have a had a lovely service then you can plan a great banquet for your pastor

black church anniversary ideas

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This is to your pastor during the anniversary

Buy him flowers.

You can make a decision as a church to buy your pastor bouquets of flower as a show of love that you have for him. You can plan and deliver the flowers just before he gives a sermon or after. The point is to do it in a such a way that you can make your pastor happy and appreciate your gift.

Pay for him a to and fro ticket.

This might appear in the a stream side but for the love you have for your pastor. I propose doing this once in a while. I’m not saying that you strain your church kitty but you can ask for member to make a small a contribution towards this or budget for it.

Preparing it early is good because you can have the opportunity of adjusting well towards. It just a show of love you have towards your pastor.

Pay school fees for his children.

This is another idea that appears in the extreme side of the budget but worthy doing. Imagine waking up one day as a pastor and finding that the fees for my kids is fully paid for the whole year.

How happy will I be. I propose you try this and see how it goes. You can do it as a church once in a while.

Volunteer and help clean the environment of your pastor.

I know there are several members of your church who would want to volunteer and help in cleaning the environment.

Some can water the flowers while others picking any litter around the compound.

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