christian handing over speech

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christian handing over speech

Our Senior church pastor, the church administration and management, church members,friends and relatives.

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus.. Good morning!" Shalom shalem"

I'm honored through the mercies of our Lord Jesus to stand before you this day, I want to take this opportunity to thank our Almighty God who has given us this wonderful provision to share together during this special occasion.

It is a day I never wanted to come but finally it is here with us when am handing over the responsibility that God gave to me three years ago, When I came to the helm of leadership, I felt the work ahead is much and almost asked the Lord not to allow me take it but the Lord said I have to do it.

At first I prayed and fasted so that God can fill me with wisdom and knowledge to be able to handle the tasks bestowed upon.

I remember very well standing here and asking for your prayers and want to say thank you to all who took time to pray for me during the period I was heading this department, many gave me their advice and wise counsel which helped to lead well.

You can notice that together we have achieved a lot, you always stood by my side and I never felt a lot, let me say to you all that thank you very much for what you did, the Lord used you give me an encouragement and you motivated me to keep pushing ahead despite the unforeseeable challenges that always occurred within the three years that we walked together to move this department to what it is today.

After three years the Lord has said like He did to Moses that it is high time to hand over the baton to another Joshua who will continue with the work that the Lord Himself began, the Joshua that the Lord saw good to take over for the nest three years is with us here and is a person you already know, when you the time came we prayed and the Lord revealed to us and finally today am going to hand over to him.

I want to ask you that you accord him all that he needs to guide this department to the lever that the Lord wants and also pray for him so that God can fill him with the much needed wisdom and knowledge so that this department will achieve all the goals that we set when the church began.

Let me invite him now to give his speech.

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