church thanksgiving invitation letter

Here is the church thanksgiving invitation letter that is already written and you can download it immediately for use. We have it below here.

Below here we have prepared the letters in PDF so that you can be able to download them instantly. The letters are written by Pastor who understand church matters and have experience of many years.

You have a guarantee that the letters are good for you to download them.

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church thanksgiving invitation letter

church invitation letter


Greetings in Jesus name!

Let start by thanking our heavenly  God for giving me this chance to write you a letter of inviting you to our church thanksgiving day in church.

As A church we have a tradition of holding a special service in our church where we invite all members who have stepped in our church to come and fellowship with us.

During this occasion we share a lot including how the church has impacted its members worldwide.

This year we have taken it a top notch higher by broadcasting the whole event in the national television, that is why we saw it well to invite our neighboring  church to share the blessings with us.

As a good neighbor who we share a lot, we are extending this special invitation to come and we share the love of God 

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church thanksgiving invitation letter

Receive Calvary greetings.

I hope the Lord has kept you in perfect peace, you and your family.

As we discussed last, our church thanksgiving day is scheduled for this Sunday 20th March 2019 and we thank God for the far he has brought us.

You will be the ministering minister of the day during our church thanksgiving event in church and want to pray for the Lord to protect and guide you as you prepare for the occasion.

As a church we appreciate and thank you in advance as the Lord uses you during the day

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On behalf of the church organization want to extend this invitation to welcome you once again to to our church thanksgiving day in the church.

We were very much overwhelmed with joy when you recently accepted to grace the occasion, your presence and prayer is highly appreciated.

We have been praying for you and would wish you join us again for the fellowship as we share together the love of God.

To download the full letter, click this link here

church thanksgiving invitation letter

invitation letter to harvest thanksgiving

Greetings in Jesus name

On behalf of the church on the Hill, the church and the Pastor, let me take this moment to invite you to this year thanksgiving celebrations and harvest that will be held in our church premises.

The Lord has been good and faithful through the year and such a session when we come together and say thank you for what He has done to us.

All the programs will start exactly 8am with a prayer and we have invited many guests to grace the occasion.

Your presence is highly appreciated during the occasion.

invitation letter to harvest thanksgiving

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