church welcome message

Find church welcome message below here to help you during a church service in church. We have prepared for you great messages to help you during the day.

Find welcome messages to help you during s church service or any other occasion in church.

church welcome message

Our pastor in the church and the first lady,my fellow church members and the invited visitors who have come to worship with us today in our church.

Let me take this opportunity to thank our loving Father who is in heaven for allowing us to meet in this manner. We are very much privileged to share the love of Christ that God commanded to us.

I take this opportunity to welcome each and everyone of you to our service and may the love of God be with you as you get nourished by the word of God.


Pastor and the first lady in the church,the church board and the organizing committee of the church,my fellow church members and the distinguished guests who have come to grace this service today.

let me extend a warm welcome to each and everyone of you for finding time to come to our church to experience the love of Christ that is flowing here today.

I thank the savior for saving us and giving us faith that is working wonders in our lives today.

I welcome all of you to this service and programs of the day and knowing that the Holy spirit that is at work will show us much that is in Christ because that is the work it is doing in our lives. Feel welcome and be blessed always.

church welcome message

Let the love of God keep you always as you worship Him in spirit and truth.

To the members of our church, we have a duty to show love to everyone that needs. Thank you all because many of us are realizing this and we are extending love to others always.

Our bulletin has our church activities that are geared towards making our services to be great in this church. Make sure you check all of them so that we can all prepare well for the services in this church.

Otherwise I welcome you all to worship with us today as we thank God for what he has done to our lives.

church welcome message

May God bless you as you fellowship together during this day.

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