church year end contribution letter

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church year end contribution letter

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Greetings in Jesus name!

The Lord Has been good to us and He has kept us a live up to this time, it is by His mercies that He has enabled to see one another as we end this year.

As we prepare to end the year in style, I wanted to remind of our regular year end contribution that we have started receiving it through our church treasurer 

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church year end contribution letter

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church year end contribution letter

Greetings in Christ!

I trust in Jesus name that the Lord has kept you well so far, we thank God for the love He has given us as a church and we praise Him always.

Thank you for the prayers you have continued offering on behalf of the members of the house and continue doing the same.

I'm writing this letter to remind you of our end year contribution as church members....

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church year end contribution letter

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