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congratulatory message for bishop

Congratulations Bishop on your anniversary today, it has been a long journey to be where you are today, the Lord has been good and faithful in that He has led you this far and He is taking you far too, it is our prayer that may you continue depending on Him in everything you do and shall guide your steps, being a Bishop comes with heavy responsibility but our loving God in heaven is good always. Happy anniversary day Bishop 

congratulatory message to a clergy

Congratulations servant of God on your celebration today as you mark the 10th anniversary as a clergy. I cant imagine that 10 years are gone since you started the ministry of service, we are grateful to our Lord for leading you this far, we shall keep on praying for you as you serve the people He has given you, you serve them with a skillful heart as you have been doing, may God grant you peace so that you can reach as many people as possible and bring them to Christ. God bless you always.

congratulatory message to an ordained bishop

Congratulations Bishop on your ordination today,

Our Lord is good and want to take this opportunity to join others to celebrate His goodness to us, the milestone you are attaining today is rare and it needs the hand of God to reach, we want to thank God always because whenever He starts His work in us will always bring it to completion, may God bless you abundantly as you get ordained as a Bishop today. Be blessed always Bishop

congratulatory messages to the newly elected elders and deacon

Today is a very important day in our church calendar as our church leaders are being ordained, we want to thank our God who is in heaven for giving us this special opportunity to witness this event in our church, I want to also join the rest of the church members in praying for our new elders and deacons as they get ordained today, let me tell them that may God use them mightily as the keep trusting in Him

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