Ending remarks on church service

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Ending remarks on church service

My beloved brothers and sisters , we have come to the conclusion of today's service, I take this chance to thank our heavenly Father for the wonderful love shown to us, we thank the speaker of the day and all those who participated in various sections of the program of today and lastly but not least, I want to thank the whole church for making sure the service is a success.

As we leave here to go to our homes, we want to ask our dear heavenly Father to be with us and the word that we have been fed today, may it enrich and help us move closer to the heavenly gates where we shall keep on tapping for the blessings,

I hope all the words that the Holy Spirit has spoken to us through the servants will bring us to both the will of God and be fruitful in all our endeavors, let me say thank you to the Holy Spirit for guiding us to the truth that is in Jesus Christ.

Let me wish you a blessed week which is ahead of us and may all that you do be prosperous as the Lord has promised,

Thank you and God be with you.

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We want to pray for the speaker so that the word will speak will enrich the church.

May the Holy Spirit guide and teach you to continue doing His will that is in Jesus Christ.

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