pastor appreciation gift idea

Looking for pastor appreciation gift idea for the church?

You soon holding an appreciation ceremony as a church for your pastor and looking for ideas on what kind of gift to give your pastor.

Welcome to our page, despite us dealing with occasion speeches only, we can also spice up on some of the ideas to help you decide to gift your pastor.

We thank God for you have found our page.

We have great ideas in our page that can help you make a decision for the gift you are about to buy for your church pastor as an individual or the church.

. We have created this page to share with you the best gift with your pastor. When it comes to honoring your pastor. A gift that is given from a heart that is cheerful destroys everything else.

pastor appreciation gift idea

Praise God.

Use media to say happy birthday to your pastor.

When you know the date your pastor was born you can write a text to your local television or call your local radio station to wish your pastor happy birthday.

Other ways is by announcing the birthday in your church website for other Christian to read. It is a great way to appreciate your pastor.

If you have a church newsletter announce the birthday date in that month’s issue for members to know. That can be a great way to appreciate your pastor.

Gift of groceries for your pastor.

When the date is near that you sent to celebrate your pastor month. Then as a way to appreciate your pastor. You can surprise the family with a gift of groceries.

Buy them from a local store or through the internet and let it be delivered to their house.

Sometimes you can choose to send them a gift voucher for them to pick from the store. The point is to appreciate in a great way.

Appreciating our pastor is the best thing we can do.

Increase your pastor’s salary.

No one doesn’t want at least a small increment in their salary. Surprise him when he least expect it. This will go down well with him in his heart.

As you plan to have an appreciation day or month. Pick this idea of increasing the salary of your pastor and I’m sure he will appreciate a lot for your wise thought. Don’t mention to him but surprise him.

More ideas

  1. Send your pastor and wife in a very expensive cruise
  2. Pay for your pastor and wife to go and visit a family relative
  3. Send your pastor and wife to go and visit missionaries in the filed somewhere
  4. What about them visiting the Holy land,Israel
  5. Pay for them to Climb any mountain in Africa i.e Mount Kenya,Mount Kilimanjaro etc
  6. Put a new roof on their house that is the house for your pastor and the first lady
  7. Allow them to organize a charity marathon run named after them to raise many for the children at an African country
  8. Make a special day named after them and collect bibles for free to help build boreholes in African countries i.e Kenya

pastor appreciation gift idea

Go a milestone and make you pastor happy by implementing Christian ideas found here.

As a pastor have always wanted to make my member aware of the gifts that can make us feel happy.


When I read in 2 Corinthians 2:14 the bible says that…But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge.

This includes giving of the gifts.

When you decide to give a gift to someone it should be out of your willingness and how your heart moves you.

That is why I leave it open to my member to choose the best gift from the bottom of their heart that they want to give me or any other pastor.

Pastors do a noble work of guiding, teaching and revealing the goodness of God to the flock who are the members.

And it is good for member to think about the kind of gifts that they can give.

Here is a general guideline that can enable you come up with a gift that you can give your pastor and if you are my member you can give me.

Buy your pastor a Bible

Don’t think that we don’t appreciate whatever gift that you give us including the Bible. The bible is the best gift you can give anyone.

Buy him a thank you card.

You can have a personalized thank you card or one that you can buy online and send it to your pastor as a surprise that will be a gift that your pastor will always remember you always.

He will place the card in his office desk and whenever he looks at it he will remember you.

Mmh….. what a ways of reminding him to pray for you.

You can also have a wall portrait of his picture

You can get his photo and make a portrait of him so that he can hang it in his office.

pastor appreciation gift idea

homemade pastor appreciation gifts

You can also make a homemade gift that you can share with your pastor during this appreciation period.

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