pastor appreciation speech

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pastor appreciation speech

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,peace be upon you!

I want to take this opportunity to thank our heavenly Father for granting us this moments that no one can ever wish to see but we have to.

Our Reverend is moving to a new station and if wishes would have been reality then we could have asked him to remain and serve us more years.

But, we have a consolation in that the foundation he has laid in this place since he joined us will remain to remind us the great work he did while he was with us here.

We can all remember the good things he did while serving us here, the way he would relate to each and every one of us, sincerely we shall all miss his sense of humor. He loved every body.

We thank God for having a man like you in our church who would speak the truth and stand with it no matter what. We shall God to bless you as you report to your new station and grant you more years to keep serving the people that you will meet.

In conclusion, I want to thank the whole church for making it possible for us to have a successful day today and may the good Lord be with you always.

Thank you and God bless you

pastor appreciation speech

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We have made all this possible for your own sake because we understand how precious time is for you.

I greet you in the name of Jesus, good-morning servants of God,

What a privilege have been given by our almighty God to stand before you this morning,

As we worship together this day that the Lord has given us.

Let me extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you who have found time to be here today,

We all know that this is a unique day for us all in this church; simply because we have something we are remembering about, it is our pastor’s anniversary

We want to thank our Lord for enabling us all to have this unique and special day so that we can glorify our Lord for the provisions,

As we thank our Lord together, we cannot fail to recognize his endurance to us and the faithfulness shown to us,

Our pastor has allowed the Lord to use him as a weak vessel to advance the course of the Lord on earth and more so this church

We thank God in one accord and say “Lord thank you so much for your mercies and goodness to us all as a church”

Feel welcome to this day and may the good Lord be with you all until we finish.

It is my prayer to the church. Thank you for listening to me.stay blessed always.

pastor appreciation speech

speech for the best pastor in the world

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