poem pastor appreciation month

Here is the poem pastor appreciation month for the occasion in the church

I'm sure your pastor will love them because I'm a pastor and know what we love.

Let me not scare you a way. Let us move to the most important things

Appreciating your pastor is the best thing one can do. We all can remember the time of Jesus when he asked peter how people are talking about him.

We all want to know how we are performing and the best time to know is when people appreciate us.

As Christian we need to know that God anointed the pastors and gave them noble job to represent Him in this world and one way we can do that is by saying thank you pastor through spiritual poems.

Below here are your free appreciation poems for pastors that we have share with you that you can use.

Pastors appreciation poems

Dear pastor,receive greeting from me

I thank the Lord for the provision of time He has granted us

We praise and glorify Him always

Because of His wonderful Love

That He showed us through Jesus Christ


We can say now it is a done deal

Through Christ we are enjoying many things

That we don’t deserve

And it is because of His grace


God choose you since the foundation of the world

And He gave you his purpose

And the purpose was to proclaim the good news to the world

You are doing exactly that


Thank you for accepting a call to minister

Unto us

You have always inspired us beyond

Our comprehension

We love you pastor and we appreciate

The kind of work the Lord is doing

To us through you


And it is our prayer that may you live

Many years to see the plan of God for you

Being fulfilled

You have always remained steadfast in the Lord

And He is using you mightily

We thank Him for what He is doing through you

Be blessed always pastor

Thank you and we appreciate and love you always.

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poem pastor appreciation month

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Sending your pastor great and powerful poems will make his or her heart feel good.

You can always come with good poems that says the way you know him or her and they will always reveal the flow of words that are full of love.

One way of sharing love is through the expression of your words through the .

When those words describe the love you have for the person. We share love.

We have adopted poems for pastors from the book of psalms in the Holy bible.

The poems that were written from experience by David. When you read them you can feel the love that was flowing from him. They are great poems and you can dedicate them to your pastor

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