priestly anniversary message

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priestly anniversary message

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Congratulations Fr. Macbeth in your 30th anniversary since you were ordained to the ministry , it has been a long journey that you have walked with Lord in serving the people that God has given you to serve,I pray that may His goodness follow you for the rest of your love until the Lord calls you home, am praying for you always and I thank God for everything ,once more happy 30th anniversary 


priestly anniversary message

It is with a joy as a join the rest of the people of goodwill as we wish you happy 10th anniversary today, we can't imagine that 10 years have elapsed since you were ordained to the ministry. The Lord has been good and His hand has guided you all through, through prayer and the grace that God has given you are where you are today, as you mark this day may the mercies of God be with you always in all the endeavors that is before you for the period that God has given you, we thank God and we are celebrating with you this day, be blessed always


priestly anniversary message

It has taken the hand of God to be where you are today, as you mark this day, may our good Lord shower you with much blessing from heaven, may He guide and protect you always as you serve Him in the vineyard. Happy anniversary

priestly anniversary message

I'm grateful to the Lord for giving me this precious moments to send you my wishes as you mark your 20th anniversary of priesthood, I remember well you were about to join the priestly you called me and shared with me your intention of being a priest, you asked me to join you in prayer and was happy to join you, today I can confirm those words that God is good, He has led you with His merciful hand and you are where you are today through His love, we pray that may He give you more years of service so that you can continue touching loves in all corners of the world  may God bless you. Happy anniversary man of God 


priestly anniversary message

The Lord is good always and that is the reason we are here today to mark the 5th anniversary  of your priesthood, we thank God for the far He has brought you and will take you far,be blessed as you serve the people God has given you.

Our God is good always, we thank Him for the far He has brought us, as we celebrate the anniversary since you joined the priestly ministry, we want to thank God for the grace He has given, we pray that our good Lord continue giving you good health and guide you as you minister in His vineyard. He has got good plans for your life and may you depend on Him in everything you do. We know He will be with you always in the journey.

This is the day, that the Lord has made and we shall rejoice forever, as you celebrate this wonderful day for you, as you mark this day when you remember your calling to the ministry, you have been serving your calling for this long and we can only say thank you to our Father in heaven, may our good Lord give you strength, wisdom,knowledge to continue serving many years to come, may our good Lord bless you more and more not only in this life but many years to come. Happy anniversary servant of God.

Today is a special day when we remember what the Lord has done so far , as you mark the day since you joined the priesthood to serve the Lord, my prayer is that,may our good Lord keep you in prefect peace,fill you with wisdom and knowledge to serve Him with diligence for the number of years that the Lord has given you, be blessed happy anniversary to you.

As you celebrate your priestly anniversary today, let me take this precious moment to thank God for His love and care, our Lord Has been good so far and we pray that His love continue protecting and taking you from one glory to another. Be blessed in your upcoming anniversary.

Let me take this precious moment to wish you happy anniversary today, the journey has been long but we want to thank our Lord in heaven for the far He has brought you and we have assurance from His word that He is taking you far, happy anniversary

It has been a wonderful journey since you joined the priesthood, you have learn to walk on the rope, I know it has not been in easier more so when it comes to balancing but our good Lord in heaven has seen you through, as you mark this special day, the anniversary of the number of years you have served being a priest, we have been praying for you and today want to thank God for everything, the Lord who has brought you this far, will see you through many years ahead, you are in our prayers always and happy priestly anniversary today.

# This is the day that the Lord has made we shall rejoice in it always, let me take this moment to wish you a happy day as you celebrate your anniversary since you joined priesthood, it has been a long journey but our good Lord has taken care of you, it is my prayer that as you mark another year, may His precious love be with you, may our good Lord guide you always, may He lead you always as you serve in His vineyard, may His mercies and grace be upon you always and for the rest of the year before you mark another anniversary. Happy anniversary servant of God.

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