ordination anniversary wishes

Here are the ordination anniversary wishes samples to have a look at to help towards the preparation of the day in church.

Below you will find the sample of the wishes that we have prepared for you as you prepare for the day in church

Let me join the rest of the church members who are wishing you all the best as you celebrate this special occasion in your life, today marks exactly 10 years since you were ordained, we want to thank God for the far that He has brought you, He has guided and protected from the attacks of the enemy, He has been with you as He uses you in guiding the sheep that is in your hands, we look forward seeing you doing more in the many years a head of you. God bless you and happy anniversary for your ordination.

ordination day anniversary wishes

This is the day that the Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it, what a joy to join the rest of the well wishers in our church as we mark 5 years since you were ordained to the ministry, we want to thank God for the wonderful and marvelous things He has done through you, we can all say thank you to our Lord for His love and goodness, we pray for many years together as the love of God get manifested, happy 5th anniversary day pastor.

ordination anniversary wishes

25th anniversary ordination priesthood

Who knew that years will turn to days and finally come to many countable years, I can't imagine that 25 years have elapsed since you got ordained, that day even though was young physically and even spiritual wise, I can vividly remember the events of the day, how the day went and the way we really celebrated and thanked God for making it possible for us to witness the occasion, personally I never knew that I will be here today to mark the 25 years of priesthood that God bestowed to you, I also anticipate to witness 50 years of priesthood soon if I would have not rested by then, let me thank God and praise Him for this day. God bless you abundantly 

ordination anniversary wishes

message priest his anniversary 

Through the goodness of our heavenly Father, I want to wish you happy anniversary to you that is happening in our church, may the love of God dwell in your heart always and be useful always in the vineyard of God as you spread His heavenly love to the whole world. Happy anniversary

ordination anniversary wishes

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