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welcome speech for church events

Here is an inspired welcome speech for church events that can lift up the spirits of the church of God as you celebrate an event in your church.

We all understand how nervous we can be when you are called to give a speech in the church more so when you have not done so before.

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We have been there and we know the experience many of us go through. I want to tell that even those who are accomplished speakers still have the stage fright.This is a common state that we all go through.

As a Christian you need to pray to God so that you can be able to deliver the speech with love.

Here is a sample speech that you can give.

welcome speech for church events

Our pastor,the invited guest,servants of God present,my fellow Christian,ladies and gentlemen.

May the grace of God be upon. I greet you in the name of Jesus our Lord.

We want to thank our loving God for the wonderful gift of life bestowed upon each and every one of us.

His mercies is sufficient to have seen us well today and we are here to celebrate this great event in our church.

We have always looked forward to this day and want to thank God for enabling us to be here today.

Allow me to welcome you officially and let us feel at Jesus feet as we thank our Lord who is our savior for what He has done to us.

We give Him thanks for everything.

Welcome and glory to God for everything. May we now participate today as we share love.

The speech above can be shared in any occasion in your church and what you need to do is to customize and insert the name of the event. If it is music day,you can insert music in the speech as you welcome all that shall celebrate with you during this day.

Depending on the occasion. You will always have it great if you choose to prepare well for the day.

From my desk here.I want to wish you all the best as you celebrate the occasion in the church.

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welcome speech for church events

#sample speech 2

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus,
Let me take this opportunity that the Lord has given us today as we congregate together here to celebrate this special occasion in our church,
We want to say thank you Lord for bringing us here from far and wide,people from all aspects of life and it is a great honor to be here today because of the His mercies,
Allow me to welcome you all and feel at Jesus feet.

church launching speech

Here is a sample for church launching speech:

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus!

I feel humbled to stand before you during this day as we mark a special event in our church. 

Let me take this opportunity to thank God for allowing us to gather here in this manner, I want to also thank visitors who have traveled from far to come and grace this occasion. 

we want to also thank the organizers for making sure this day is a success.

As a church we have prayed and fasted for this occasion and it is glory unto our God for making it happen for us.

As we launch our church, we are overwhelmed by joy that at last we are moving to the next level as we serve our master Lord.

Let me welcome each and every of you to have the experience that is only taking place today and now.

God bless you.

welcome speech for church conference examples

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