choir director appreciation poems

Looking for choir director appreciation poems?


GOD of love,and our father

We are grateful as a church

That you always reveal yourself

We are thankful


Thank you for the opportunity

You always give us

It is your mercies that we are here

You always bring us together


Always God you are with us

And we thank you very much

Do father as you have promised

On thing I love about this poem is that they have words that Jesus said they are spirit and life (John 6:63) and the most important hope that we have is that God is watching over the word (Jeremiah 1:12)

Therefore when you share with your pastor. You are sure that the word will have great impact in his life if he believes.

Let me appreciate the Lord

My heart is rejoicing,

the moment I enter the gates of my Church,

I'm singing melodies in my heart

because of the warmth that is in my church

Thank you Lord for your love

that is flowing through your appointed agents

on earth,

Your church that you raised through Christ

You send your only son Jesus Christ,

to die on the cross

through Him we are saved now

Thank you Father for the love

that you have for us,

through the church that is in Christ,

Have experienced lots of love

I always look forward to the fellowship

in this church,

I appreciate always,

choir director appreciation poems

Our God is a wonderful God and he cares for us so much that He has promised great plans upon our lives and therefore we need to be grateful at all times as a church.

We can express it through church thank you poems that we share with each other

If you are a pastor,member or anyone else you need to be happy and praise throughout in all circumstances.

When we praise our God we activate His blessing that he promised Abraham upon our lives. The poem below can be used to thank the Lord for what He has done to the church that is Jesus Christ

We thank you our Almighty God

We receive your promise

We receive the promise

You promised Abraham that was

Manifested in Jesus

We want to thank you Lord for that

We praise your name and Glorify the name

Jesus that you gave us to be saved

Thank you God and thank you very much.

We hope the above poems has greatly helped you.

Let us wish you all the best as you plan to show an appreciation to your pastor during the occasion in church.

And if you are going to use the above poems in your card to show appreciation what your pastor has done to you personally.

we want to wish you all the best and may the love of God be with you.

We are praying for and thank you very much for visiting our page. You can also have a look at other related articles that we have given below here.

Stay blessed in the Lord.

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