occasions for pastor anniversary

Discover some occasions for pastor anniversary.

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Here is the purpose for occasions for pastor anniversary

The purpose for the occasion is to show gratitude to your pastor and appreciate him and the wife for their untiring love they show to the church.

We take this time to remember the great service that he offers to the church. And the church can organize for a big event  to mark this day. Since it comes once a year everybody can take pride in preparing for this event because it comes once in a while and therefore no one should have an excuse of missing it.

occasions for pastor anniversary

purpose and occasion for pastor anniversary

The pastor anniversary signifies a very important occasion in the church calendar of events. During this time the church throws in a big celebration to appreciate the pastor's ministry. And many church around the globe organizes surprise parties for their pastors and the family. And others have dinners together with the family a show of love.

Pastors anniversaries are days when churches celebrate and congratulate the pastor and the family for his service to the Lord and to the church. It is a day when all of us look forward to as we show our gratitude to our pastor who has given a lot to the church

Imagine how great it is going to be if everybody is aware for the occasion.Since all of you are going to participate during the celebration of this great event in the church. It is good to come up with a committee that can organize the programs of the day.

Starting from the children. They can be told to participate also in making this occasion colorful. And one way they can do it is through songs and reciting of poems. Some children love decoration and thefore they can be involved in that area.

The deacons and the deaconesses can also plan in arranging the place so that it can look good. Make sure the chairs are well arranged. They can be involved in preparing the food if you don’t want to involve the catering services.

The point I’m drawing at is that you need to see the fun part of the event so that all the energies can be directing to making this day a lovely one.

The party can be organized within the church or somewhere near the church where everybody can attend.

Take note of the people who are going to speak during this day and make sure the programs are ready for use.

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